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The Division 2 The Snitch Locations | Find secret vendor Cassie Mendoza

There’s a lot of secrets for players to find in The Division 2, but let’s not forget that the main goal is to get the best loot you can find to show off to your friends (and enemies). This search for both secrets and loot crosses over with the hunt for the strange NPC called “The Snitch.” To get some of the best loot in the game you’ll need to find this guy, which is made a lot more difficult by the fact that he can’t be found in the same spot. Therefore, you’ll need all the known The Division 2 The Snitch locations.

It’s tricky to find The Snitch, but that’s not the end of the problems if you want to get the best loot in The Division 2. Why do you need to find The Snitch? Who is he? Is it possible to track all of his locations? Is he only good for bounties, or does he have another purpose? What’s his connection to the secret vendor, Cassie Mendoza? We’ll do our best to answer all of these questions.

Who is The Snitch?

As you’ve been exploring Washington D.C. in The Division 2 you may have spotted a bearded NPC in a green hat and a green flowery shirt. This is Jared Nash, otherwise known as “The Snitch.” He stands in one spot when you encounter him, but he’s constantly moving around the game map, as he’s supposedly constantly trying to evade his enemies. He’s also friends with another useful NPC called Cassie Mendoza…

Why do you need to find The Division 2 The Snitch?

The Snitch’s main purpose is to guide you to bounties, or at least to get you bounty missions. Jared Nash is in charge of the deck of 52 bounty cards, and he’s the main way of getting them. The Division 2 bounties, if you haven’t got to them yet, are a bunch of challenging repeatable missions you can undertake in the endgame. You can earn a large amount of XP and specialization points doing them, so they’re a key part of The Division 2 endgame. You can get a few from Otis Sykes in your base of operations, but for most of them, and to complete your deck of playing cards, you’ll need to find The Snitch.

The other important reason to find The Snitch is to get access to his partner, the secret vendor Cassie Mendoza. You can only get her whereabouts by talking to Jared Nash and completing at least one bounty, so the two go hand-in-hand. If you want access to Mendoza’s secret selection of high-end gear, you’ll need to speak to The Snitch and make him, er, snitch. But of course, you’ll need to find him first…

Here are all the known The Division 2 The Snitch locations

The big problem with trying to pin down The Snitch in The Division 2 is that he continuously moves all over the map, and where he’ll appear next seems to be random. He’ll appear on the map as a question-marked unknown event, and that’ll disappear as you get close to him. At least 7-8 of The Division 2 The Snitch locations have been found already, but you’ll have to travel between all of them if you definitely want to find Jared, and consequently Cassie. Here’s a list of all the locations we currently know about:

  • North-east of West Potomac Park, and north-west of the Washington Monument here. He’s in a small area behind a waist-high concrete wall, surrounded by a bunch of barrels.
  • The north-eastern part of Constitution Hall, west of the White House, and just south-east of the Haunted House control point. He in a vine-covered area next to a Bakery and Cafe.
  • West of the White House, north-east of the Constitution Hall safe house. In a small structure under some metal stairs, where someone’s been growing a lot of mushrooms apparently.
  • North-east of the White House area, your base of operations, and Lafayette Square, just before it becomes Downtown East. He’s in a back alley next to some cars.
  • In the Southwest part of the map, off 7th Street Southwest, next to a Contaminated Zone. He’s in a building here, next to large corridor that’s been walled off with wire mesh.
  • On the border of the Downtown East and Judiciary Square areas, right next to a control point. He’s next to the little shanty houses here, standing by a large restaurant menu with the US flag on it.
  • The far western part of the map now, and he’ll be hiding near the entrance to the tunnel that leads to Roosevelt Island.
  • In the Federal Triangle area, just to the west of the 1040 Safe Room, off 12th Street Northwest.

Who is Cassie Mendoza and how do we unlock the secret vendor?

Cassie Mendoza is a secretive lady who sells high-end gear, some of the best in the game, so any players tackling the endgame of The Division 2 will want to track this secret vendor down and take a look at her wares. Finding her is fairly easy, since The Snitch gives you her location as soon as you talk to him, but to unlock Cassie as a special vendor is a bit more difficult.

Basically, you or the group you’re travelling with have to complete at least one bounty that The Snitch has available before Cassie Mendoza will show you her high-end gear. As Jared Nash has up to 52 possible bounties it’ll be up to you and your friends to tackle them, but you’ll need at least one card under your belt before Cassie will agree to deal with you.

Once you pick up a bounty from The Snitch, you and your team have just 15 minutes to complete it. Luckily you don’t have to search too hard, as Jared Nash will mark the new bounty mission on your map. Fast travel to the spot nearest the bounty, run into the area, and kill all the enemies you find. You’ll probably have several groups to deal with. Once you’ve finished dealing with the named boss, who is the actual bounty, you can head to Cassie to trade with her. Just try not to fail, otherwise you’ll have find The Snitch again somewhere else.

Does the secret vendor Cassie Mendoza stay in the same place?

One of the most awkward things about the secret vendor Cassie Mendoza is that even though you’ve gone through all that effort to find her, she may not be there when you come back to the game later. Every 36 hours, in fact, Cassie Mendoza will move to a new location. When she’s marked on the map, you’ll see a clock next to her icon that ticks down. When it’s depleted, she’ll disappear, and you’ll have to do all this over again. Find The Snitch, get the Bounty, complete it within 15 minutes, and unlock her location.

It’s also possible to cheat the system, however, by joining up with someone who’s already been through all this and has her location. This is also the only way you can get access to her secret store if you’re lower than level 30. All you need is a friend who’s found the Snitch, completed the bounty, and doesn’t mind that they went through all that effort and you didn’t lift a finger. You’ve got generous friends, right?