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The Division 2 Polycarbonate Locations | How to get Polycarbonate

In The Division 2, Polycarbonate is an uncommon crafting material you need for weapon and gear production as well as projects. Polycarbonate is not the rarest material in the game, but it’s one that you’ll find hangs you up most often. Fortunately, there are a few surefire Polycarbonate locations in The Division 2 that will allow you to get a pretty good supply of the crafting material running.

Where to find Polycarbonate locations in The Division 2

There are a few places you can find Polycarbonate in The Division 2. You’ll undoubtedly find small amounts of the material throughout Washington DC. It has a chance to spawn in crates and toolboxes scattered throughout the city. However, this isn’t a very reliable way to get Polycarbonate, so you’ll want to find a few places you can farm it.

The best way to get Polycarbonate steadily is from Control Points. When you seize a select few in the Downtown East area, there is a chance the loot in the Supply Rooms may contain Polycarbonate. You can revisit these every so often and open them again, so keep coming back to build your stock of the material up.

You can also get a one-time gift of Polycarbonate from Uplay Rewards. By spending a small amount of Ubisoft points, you can get two packs of crafting material, both of which have a bit of Polycarbonate. It’s not much, but it’s a good start.

Finally, the least reliable way to locate Polycarbonate is enemy drops. Some enemies, usually higher-tier ones, have a chance to drop uncommon and rare crafting materials. While these enemies respawn in the same locations after a while, their drops are random, so you can’t really depend on them for a reliable supply.

Unfortunately, there’s no method to farm Polycarbonate in The Division 2 in a way that ensures you’ll get it every time. Your best bet is to alternate between the methods above until you have the amount you need.