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Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo | Armored Mewtwo release date

Among recent updates for Pokemon Go, new evidence from datamining suggests that a new legendary form could soon release into the field. The Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo leaks point to new sections of code added to the mobile AR game, with variant forms of the legendary Mewtwo listed in the game code. This news could be linked to the Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks back in February, which hinted that new armored forms of different Pokemon would be introduced to the game. Read on to find out more on a future Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo release date.

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo | Armored Mewtwo release date

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo

The evidence supporting an upcoming release of an Armored Mewtwo comes from the dataminer Chrales, who highlights three lines of code in the game files following the recent update. This lists the original “MEWTWO_NORMAL” version of the legendary Pokemon alongside a new, “MEWTWO_A” variant, along with an intro file for this new variant. While we can’t be entirely certain that this variant is a new Armored Mewtwo, the fact that armored forms are also reported to be coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield suggest that this could be a marketing ploy.

Likewise, it’s expected that there will be an element of interactivity between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it’s highly likely that armored forms would make an appearance in the mobile game. A Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo could feature in one of the upcoming summer events planned for this year, or part of a worldwide event similar to the original Mewtwo’s debut in the game. We can expect to see more armored forms of Pokemon begin to appear in the coming months, but catching the legendary Armored Mewtwo variant, in particular, will probably prove to be a tough ordeal for any trainer.