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Fortnite Ruin Skin | How to unlock, challenges, and more

The Fortnite Ruin skin has been unveiled by Epic Games. The new outfit was officially announced by the battle royale developer before leakers could unearth it. Data miners have, however, managed to find leaked challenges and rewards relating to it. Find out how you can unlock the Fortnite Ruin skin with our guide.

Fortnite Ruin Skin | How to unlock

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In order to dress your own character up in the Fortnite Ruin skin, you will need to complete 55 Weekly Challenges in Fortnite. Weekly Challenges, for those unaware, are events that you have to take part in and complete in order to receive specific rewards. These gifts are usually just Battle Stars, but every so often a new cosmetic comes along with them.

You’ll also have to be a Battle Pass owner in order to download it when it’s available too. Without the Battle Pass, you’ll miss out on getting this spooky outfit.

To many fans’ surprise, Epic released a teaser of the skin on their official Twitter account, and informed players that they should “prepare for Ruin” in the game, whatever that means.

Fortnite Ruin Skin | Challenges

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Despite Epic being able to release the Fortnite Ruin skin themselves, leakers have managed to show what challenges are needed to unlock a couple of extra rewards. Fortnite data miner FireMonkey took to Twitter to reveal the challenges in the image above. Judging by what Epic expects players to do, there isn’t anything particularly taxing there.

Destroying 50 trees, 35 rocks, and 20 cars, trucks, or RVs will be a very easy challenge to navigate. You always need raw materials in Fortnite to be able to build walls and other items. As such, you won’t need to think about needing to destroy these objects. It will come naturally to you if you already play Fortnite. Which you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this guide.

From there it could appear to get a bit tricky though. Dealing 10,000 hit point damage to opponents’ structures is certainly a grind, but it’s almost certain to be an accumulative challenge. That means you can play match after match in a bid to chalk this challenge off your list. Depending on how good you are at the game will determine how quickly you get through this one too.

The “Outlast Opponents” challenge won’t be too difficult if you’re a pro either. Taking a stab in the dark over it entails, we expect it to be determined on where you’re placed at the end of each match. For instance, if you come first, you’ll have outlasted 99 opponents. This will chalk up 99 out of the 1000 enemies you have to outlast, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking this one.

Finally, the “Complete 5 daily challenges” will be a breeze. Simply log on, complete five of the challenges for one day, and this will be checked off your list too.

Fortnite Ruin Skin | Leaked rewards

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Congratulations on completing those Fortnite Ruin skin challenges. Now you get to see what you’ve won.

If you manage to complete any three of the above challenges, you’ll nab yourself the cool looking Dying Light back bling. This legendary item will really set you apart from other players, even if you just wear it with your usual Fortnite attire.

Complete all six challenges and you’ll receive the rare Dread Harvesting Tool as well. Just imagine running at opponents and attacking them with this evil looking melee weapon. You’ll have them fleeing in no time, we’re almost certain of that.

Fortnite Ruin Skin | Why has it been announced now?

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We’re unsure, but it could well be that a new Limited Timed Mode (LTM) or special event is coming with the Fortnite Ruin skin. With Easter around the corner, and with Season 8 Week 8 only a, well, fortnight away, this could be an in-game tie in for this particular holiday season.

It seems strange that Epic Games would unveil a new cosmetic ahead of time, particularly when they don’t necessarily have form for it. It might be that Epic wanted to get it out there before leakers or hackers could delve into any new game files and unearth it themselves.

Whatever the reason is, fans have been whipped into something of a frenzy as they eagerly look forward to something new from Epic and Fortnite.