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Fortnite Inferno Pack | Unlock Inferno skin and Challenge guide

The new Fortnite 8.30 update is being rolled out across all systems, bringing all new challenges and a whole host of cosmetic items to the battle royale. The most impressive of these new cosmetics is the Fortnite Inferno pack, which includes items that not only set you on fire, but also wraps your character in a dapper red suit skin. This new leaked pack will likely become a popular addition to the battle royale arena, and looks to be complete with a matching inferno pickaxe, the absolute height of Fortnite fashion. Read on to find out how to unlock Inferno skin.

Fortnite Inferno Skin | How to unlock Inferno skin

Fortnite Inferno Pack

The new skins were revealed in a recent leak by the Twitter account FortniteBR, who reported the Fortnite Inferno pack files found in the update, along with the matching set of a pickaxe and wrap. It’s not yet clear how rare the Fortnite Inferno skin is, but this will affect how difficult it is to unlock, with the rarest items costing the most in the item shop. The pack reportedly also includes a set of challenges associated with these items, to potentially unlock further cosmetic items, or extra V-Bucks.

To unlock the Fortnite Inferno pack, you only need to save up enough V-Bucks to buy the items from the shop, but it seems like related items may be accessed by completing the associated challenges. Of course, this leaked pack isn’t the only object of interest in the new 8.30 update, which is set to introduce the limited time Buccaneer’s Bounty event, offering a new set of treasures to unlock when the update launches. Likewise, this v8.30 update will also introduce the new Fortnite respawning system similar to Apex Legends, allowing the battle royale players to revive their fallen teammates using the Reboot vans.

Fortnite Inferno Challenge guide

Fortnite Inferno Pack

Now that the Fortnite Inferno pack is available to purchase, players can now buy the challenge pack and begin grinding out the objectives. Upon making the initial purchase, players will immediately unlock the Inferno skin, bestowing a red suit and flaming head upon those who make the purchase.

In order to then progress and unlock the pickaxe and wrap, players need to complete a number of Daily Challenges. There are six stages to the Inferno Pack challenge, all of which require the completion of Daily Challenges.

Here are the objectives you’ll need to complete, as well as their respective rewards:

  • Complete 1 Daily Challenge – 100 V-Bucks
  • Complete 3 Daily Challenges – 200 V-Bucks
  • Complete 5 Daily Challenges – 300 V-Bucks
  • Complete 7 Daily Challenges – 400 V-Bucks
  • Complete 10 Daily Challenges – Pickaxe
  • Complete 14 Daily Challenges – Wrap

If you’ve managed to play Fortnite without knowing what Daily Challenges are, or perhaps you’re new to the game and just looking to dive in with a fancy-looking skin, then you simply have to look to the left on the main lobby menu. There you’ll see the Daily Challenges that you can complete. As their name suggests, these challenges refresh each day, allowing you to keep on grinding towards that final Wrap unlock.

Once all of the Fortnite Inferno pack challenges have been completed, you’ll have the full skin, pickaxe, and wrap combo, completing the Inferno look. In addition to this fire skin, you’ll also have accumulated 1,000 V-Bucks, which can then be spent on more cosmetic unlocks, Battle Pass tiers, or the presumably upcoming Season 9 Battle Pass.

Is the Fortnite Inferno Challenge Pack worth it?

Fortnite Inferno Pack

At $19.99, the Fortnite Inferno Challenge Pack is a significant investment. However, when you consider the 1,000 free V-Bucks you accumulate while completing the six different challenges, it could be seen as worth it.

1,000 V-Bucks would normally cost players around $10, meaning that the Inferno skin itself, along with the pickaxe and wrap, can therefore be valued at $9.99. That seems okay for a cool-looking skin, pickaxe, and wrap, when compared to other skins on the game store.

The 1,000 V-Bucks that are acquired through the Inferno Challenge Pack can also be used towards the (not yet confirmed, but expected) Season 9 Battle Pass, which should cost 950 V-Bucks to purchase. Players who buy the Inferno Challenge Pack now would then have something to grind towards while waiting for Season 9, and can earn the V-Bucks needed to then buy the new Battle Pass.

[Image credit: FortniteBR]