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Fortnite Shadow Bomb | What is the Shadow Bomb item?

Recent leaks report that Fortnite is set to introduce a new weapon to the battle royale arena, arming players with control over the shadows. Evidence for a Fortnite Shadow Bomb has been uncovered in the game files after a recent update, with these assets suggesting that players may soon be able to use this item to enhance their stealth in the battle royale. While we don’t yet know what the Shadow Bomb looks like, the game files give us a certain insight into how the weapon could function. For more on this weapon leak, read on to find out what is the Shadow Bomb item?

Fortnite Shadow Bomb | What is the Shadow Bomb item?

Fortnite Shadow Bomb

The evidence for a Fortnite Shadow Bomb was uncovered by Twitter user and dataminer HYPEX, who initially found a mention of the item in an upcoming challenge within the 8.40 update. Since then, further details of this weapon have also been reported within the game files, featuring what appears to be animations, effects, and statuses linked to the Fortnite Shadow Bomb. In particular, some files refer to a “Shadow_Bomb_Stealth_Loop”, intimating that this item could use shadows to improve your stealth.

Alternatively, the Shadow Bomb might simply obstruct the enemies’ view with shadows, or could even transform players into a variant Shadow or Wraith-like form. We won’t be able to know for sure until the update goes live, but the Fortnite Shadow Bomb certainly seems to be linked with an upcoming challenge. The game files suggest that this will be a Battle Pass challenge or quest to use the Shadow Bomb in different modes or matches. Until this update releases, you can still explore the new additions in the recent Fortnite 8.30 update, which introduced the new respawning system of Reboot Vans to revive your fallen teammates.