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Pokemon Go Easter Event | Eggstravanganza end date and shiny Buneary

The 2019 Pokemon Go Easter event has been announced by Niantic. The annual Eggstravanganza festival’s start and end date have been revealed, as well as how trainers can get a shiny Buneary. It’s egg-cellent news, we think you’ll agree. Find out everything about the Pokemon Go Easter event with our help.

Pokemon Go Easter Event | Start and end date

Pokemon Go Easter Event

We know you’re dying to know when the Pokemon Go Easter event starts. Well, you won’t have long to wait as the festival begins on Tuesday, April 16 at 1 PM PDT (4 PM EDT and 9 PM BST). It’ll last for a whole week, too, as it coincides with the Easter weekend that runs from Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 22.

That means that the event will end on Tuesday, April 23 at the same time that it began. If you want to make the most of the entire festival, you’ll want to get cracking before then.

Pokemon Go Easter Event | Features and bonuses

Pokemon Go Easter Event

There’s plenty of things to look out for in the Pokemon Go Easter event. For starters, baby Pokemon such as Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby will be available to hatch from 2km eggs. Even better still, you might become lucky and find yourself a shiny version of Buneary.

In terms of what bonuses are on offer, you’ll be pleased to know that Lucky Eggs will last twice as long as normal. A fitting thing for an Easter event, we’d say. Lucky eggs give you double XP for a 30-minute window, so to have this feature last for an hour is a huge deal.

You’ll also earn twice the amount of Hatch candy for each egg you hatch, and your incubators will be twice as effective as before. This adds up to less walking time to incubate and hatch your eggs, and more rewards for those you hatch. It’s a win/win all around.