Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds | How to unlock and probability

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds are something you’ll want to know if you’re using this new feature in Niantic’s game. If you want to learn how to unlock the Pokemon Go Lucky Friend feature, and what the probability of getting one is, you’ve come to the right place. Learn everything about Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds with our guide.

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds | How to unlock

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds

Before we delve into the Pokmon Go Lucky Friend odds, let’s explain what this feature is. It was patched in by Niantic and allows you to get what’s known as a Lucky Pokemon. These are only possible if you become Lucky Friends with your Best Friend in-game, and even being able to get a Lucky Friend is a random process.

To qualify, you’ll need to open a gift sent to you by one of your friends, challenge each other to a Trainer battle, or fight alongside each other in a Raid or Gym battle. You only have one chance per day to unlock Lucky Friend status too so, if a notification doesn’t pop up once one of these features are completed, you won’t have qualified.

If it has worked, you’ll get a message that says you became Lucky Friends, such as the one shown in this Reddit thread. You can then trade Pokemon with each other, and they’ll be called Lucky Pokemon once the transfer is complete.

This special status reduces the amount of Stardust required to power your Lucky Pokemon up is reduced by 50%. With stardust being a rare item in the game, this will be a huge boost for you if you get a Lucky Pokemon. After that’s done, you’ll go back to being Best Friends, and have another chance to become Lucky Friends tomorrow.

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds | How likely is it?

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds

With that all said, the Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds are still being hotly debated. This feature only arrived on April 8, so researchers at The Silph Road Reddit page are still trying to determine how it works, such as in this thread.

Right now the general consensus is that the likelihood of becoming Lucky Friends is around 5%. This means that, on average, players are finding that the only become Lucky Friends once for every 20 gifts opened, Raids or Gyms completed, or Trainer battles won.

Some players have reported that they aren’t receiving Lucky Pokemon despite trading with a Lucky Friend though. This could be reducing the ratio slightly if it’s a bug, and will affect the probability of receiving one. If it is a glitch, hopefully Niantic will fix it so that we can determine how likely Luck Friends are in the coming weeks.