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Fortnite Reboot Van Locations | Where to find every Fortnite Reboot Van

Reboot Vans made their way into Fortnite as part of the v8.30 update. The Fortnite Reboot Vans are part of a respawn system that allows players to revive their teammates by taking their Reboot Cards to one of the Reboot Vans. Obviously, this is only possible when playing duos, trios, or squads. The system is very similar to that of Apex Legends, which created the respawn system when they launched back in February. There are a lot of different Fortnite Reboot Van locations spread out across the map, and we’ve got them all marked for you, so you’ll always know where the closest Reboot Van is located.

Where to find every Fortnite Reboot Van

Fortnite Reboot Van

There are 19 different locations across the map where you can find a Fortnite Reboot Van. As you can see in the picture above, just about every map location has a Reboot Van nearby. Of course, the reason for this is clear: The vans are spread out all across the map so that players will never have to run too far to reach one. While the van locations can be used more than once, they will need time to recharge between uses. So, if you’re trying to revive more than one teammate, you’ll have to hide for a bit while you wait for the Reboot Van to recharge. The vans will also shoot a bright beam of light into the sky after you have used it to revive a teammate, letting nearby enemies know that you are vulnerable. In other words, you’ll have to be pretty savvy if you’re planning to use one of the Fortnite Reboot Vans.

While the respawn system isn’t new to the battle royale genre, it is new to Fortnite. It will likely slow down the game a little bit since players will be able to come back after they have died. It remains to be seen how fans feel about the Fortnite Reboot Van system since it is essentially brand new to the game.