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Black Ops 4 Spectre | New Call of Duty Specialist leaked

While the Blackout battle royale mode continues to receive new updates, it seems that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer modes will also be getting some love, if leaks showing a new Specialist are accurate. The Black Ops 4 Spectre Specialist is reported to be joining the roster of classes available for players to specialize in, after a new item appeared in the game referencing the character. Previously seen in Black Ops 3, the new Call of Duty Specialist leaked as a result of the smoke grenade description, which mentioned an ability linked to the new class. Read on to find out everything we know about the new Black Ops 4 specialist, Spectre.

Black Ops 4 Spectre | New Call of Duty Specialist leaked

Black Ops 4 Spectre

The new Call of Duty Specialist surfaced after Reddit user Xarson1270 found reference to a new item, the Smoke grenade, while creating a new class. The item makes reference to the Black Ops 4 Spectre Specialist, stating that players can see other enemies if they are using the Spectre character. We’ve seen this Specialist before in Black Ops 3, who utilized a wrist-mounted twin blade to deal an instant kill on melee, and was equipped with a camouflage ability to briefly become invisible. Posed as both an engineer and an assassin, this Specialist class pivoted on the use of these gadgets to take out other players quickly.

It’s not clear what abilities will transfer over into the Black Ops 4 Spectre version, but the Smoke grenade description suggests his play style will remain the same, using subterfuge and cloak-and-dagger tactics to ambush enemies. Of course, there hasn’t yet been any official confirmation from Treyarch about the new Black Ops 4 Specialist; there’s no guarantee that Spectre will make an appearance in the near future. As such, it would be difficult to predict a Black Ops 4 Spectre release date, especially considering that the new Specialist Outrider was only recently introduced in the Operation Grand Heist event.