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Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 Update Patch Notes

Nintendo has officially revealed the new Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 update, which is set to introduce a whole host of new content into the game. The new “Ring Shot” game mode is now live, in addition to the “Yoshi’s Ring Shot” limited-time challenge, which can earn you variant colors for Yoshi. This update also introduces a new character alongside minor changes to the game, all detailed in the new patch notes for the update. Read on to find out everything new in the Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 update.

Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 Update Patch Notes

Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 Update

The biggest addition in the new Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 update is the Ring Shot mode, in which up to four players can attempt to pass the tennis balls through rings to gain a higher score. This can be played in a competitive scenario, trying to get a higher score than your opponents, or in a cooperative scenario, by syncing your rallies with the other team. Yoshi’s Ring Shot is a limited-time new challenge that makes this mode a little harder, as you can only pass a tennis ball through a ring that is the same color as your Yoshi character.

You can unlock the pink, green, and orange variants of Yoshi if you’re successful, and these skins can be equipped in the other standard modes of the game, but this mode will only run until June 1. On May 1, however, Karon will also join the game’s roster of playable characters, with more characters expected to release every month. However, bear in mind that you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play any online modes in the game. In more minor changes, the Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 update will introduce a new opening movie animation to the story mode, which tasks players with rescuing Luigi on a strangely tennis-themed adventure.