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World War Z Co-op | Is there local co-op?

You might be wondering if there’s World War Z co-op functionality in Saber Interactive’s zombie game. You may also be thinking if there’s local co-op support too, so you and your mates can play together on your couch. Find out what the deal is when it comes to World War Z co-op with our guide.

World War Z Co-op | Is co-op supported?

World War Z Co-op

Yep, there is World War Z co-op available. The game’s official site explains that it is a co-operative game that supports up to four players, and you will need a full squad if you want to survive against the never-ending hordes of the undead.

Co-op expert website Co-Optimus goes into more detail about what co-op support there actually is in the game too. Online co-op is Saber Interactive’s go-to option for this so, providing you have an internet connection and a subscription on Xbox One, PS4, or PC you’ll be golden. However, LAN or Combo Co-op support will not be present.

World War Z Co-op | Is local co-op supported?

World War Z Co-op

Unfortunately not. There is no World War Z co-op support for local multiplayer. Focus Home Interactive, the publishers behind the third-person shooter title, revealed as much in a Reddit thread questioning whether local co-op would be available.

User Focus_Netheos explained that split-screen, or couch, co-op was a nice feature for games to implement if there was an audience for it. However, they went on to confirm that it wouldn’t be an option in World War Z. Explaining why this was the case, Netheos stated that the team chose to focus on the gameplay mechanics themselves rather than support a multitude of local multiplayer options.

Judging by the replies, some people were saddened that local co-op would not be a supported feature, while others lamented the fact that many game developers were no longer adding it as an option in their titles. If you were holding out for local co-op, you’ll be sorely disappointed.