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The Division 2 Companion App | Will The Division 2 ever get a companion app?

Inventory management has been a big issue with The Division 2 since it launched back in mid-March. According to players, there is simply not enough inventory space available in the game, particularly considering its looter-shooter design. This is causing people to have to spend 20-30 minutes clearing up their inventory before they can actually play the game, which is obviously a big issue. One solution that the community has been begging for is The Division 2 companion app. This would at least allow players to manage their inventory when they had free time during the day instead of having to waste their gaming time dealing with inventory management. So, this all sounds pretty good, but what does Massive say? Will The Division 2 ever get a companion app?

Is a The Division 2 companion app coming in the future?

The Division 2 Companion App

In an E3 2018 interview with The Division 2 Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, Twinfinite asked him if there were any plans for a The Division 2 companion app. His response is probably not one that will make players very happy. He said, “Companion app? No. It’s not in the plans.” He goes on to talk about how the studio’s goal is to focus on the main game and the post-game experience for players, and in order to do that, they will have to focus all of their resources on content development, not a companion app.

The interview continues and Gerighty promises that the inventory system will be much better in The Division 2 than it was in The Division. However, now that the game has been out for a month, players are still not satisfied with the way that Massive Entertainment has decided to handle inventory management. Reddit users are continuously trying to make the case that they simply don’t have enough space to carry around all the gear that they need in order to craft the items that they want. Despite the backlash, it seems the Massive is going to hold their ground on this one and still has no plans to make a companion app.