Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 Update Patch Notes (Y4S1.3 update)

The new Rainbow Six Siege update is out on PC today, with the same changes coming to PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow. The clear theme of the Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 update patch notes (Y4S1.3 update) this month is nerfs. A ton of operators have had their statistics and abilities reduced. Taking center stage is Lion, changes to the operator have been much anticipated by players. A whole host of other operators received fixes to their balancing. While some gameplay issues, like problems with pressing the “Home” button and squad invites, have been ironed out. Here are all the details you need for the new 1.65 (Y4S1.3) update.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 Update Patch Notes Highlights (Y4S1.3)

Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 Update Patch Notes


As explained, the 1.65 update is home to a wide range of changes focusing on nerfing operators. The big Lion rework sees the operator’s ability warning, scanning, and ability cooldown all reduced. The outline from scanning has now been replaced by a red ping debuff. Lion does gain an additional charge, up from two to three. Vigil gains some advantage versus Lion’s scanning ability. Vigil’s ERC-7’s cloak will now make him invisible to Lion’s scans. A couple of bug fixes related to Lion’s scanning ability are also present.

Capitao has the next set of notable changes. The operator’s dart fire ability has been reduced by seven per tick, down to 12 damage from 19. The dart fire’s area of effect has been increased, but it does now take two seconds to reach its maximum size. The last Capitao nerf is to the arrow trajectory. The arrows get a bit more realistic, with their straight trajectory dropping off after 10 meters. Echo, Maestro, and Blitz are the other three operators to receive significant nerfs in this most recent update.


The Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 update patch notes include a few different bug fixes aimed at solving some minor gameplay problems. There’s a fix to an issue which was causing sound to not move through destroyed walls correctly. Players will now no longer be kicked out of their own lobby if they press the “Home” button on PC and Xbox One. Another lobby fix means squads will no longer be forced out of custom lobbies when one player departs.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 Update Patch Notes (Y4S1.3)

Rainbow Six Siege 1.65 Update Patch Notes

(Patch Notes: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-347924-16/y4s13-patch-notes)