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Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | End dates, prizes, and more

The first three Pokemon Go Snapshot contest challenges have been announced by Niantic. Each one comes with its own end date, tasks, and prizes for trainers and would-be photographers to try out and attempt to win. Find out everything worth knowing about the Pokemon Go Snapshot contest with our in-depth guide.

Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | What is it?

pokemon go snapshot contest

The Pokemon Go Snapshot contest challenges have been born out Niantic’s desire to put on official competitions for their trainers. The developer has been so impressed, with the snaps that people have taken already with the game’s photo mode, that they felt it necessary to put them on.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are three contests for you to take part in, so read on to find out what they are.

Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | Buddy challenge

pokemon go snapshot contest

The first Pokemon Go Snapshot contest to know about is the Buddy challenge. As you might have expected, this task requires you to take some photographs with your Buddy Pokemon. Niantic wants players to show exactly why there’s a connection between them and their Buddy Pokemon.

Whether it’s hanging out at the park, long walks on the beach, or just chilling in your room, the Buddy challenge will certainly have you out and about looking for some of the best places to take some good snaps. Once you have taken some, you will need to upload your top three to either Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtags #Buddychallenge and #GoSnapshot so that Niantic can easily search for them and decide who the winners are.

The Buddy challenge has already begun, and it will run until Wednesday, April 24. There’s no specific end time for this, but we suspect that Niantic will bring it to an end around 12 AM at your local time on that date.

Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | Habitat challenge

pokemon go snapshot contest

The next Pokemon Go Snapshot contest to look out for is the Habitat challenge. Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Niantic wants trainers to take pictures of their favorite Pokemon in their natural habitats. For example, you can take a photograph of a Butterfree near a hedgerow or a field of flowers.

Using your Pokedex and knowledge of Pokemon is the best way to find out what scenes are best for your Pokemon. Once you’ve found the best spot, take a picture. After you have a few that you’re happy with, you can upload your three best images to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #GoSnapshot and #Habitatchallenge.

The Habitat challenge will take place from Monday, April 29 and end on Wednesday, May 8. Again, there’s no official start or end time for these, so expect them to kick off and end as soon as these dates roll around.

Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | Create challenge

pokemon go snapshot contest

The third and final Pokemon Go Snapshot challenge is called the Create challenge. This one is quite possibly the most challenging task, as it requires you to use your creativity and originality to take some amazing, funny, or downright absurd pictures.

Niantic wants players to use all of their ingenuity to come up with something, well, creative, and show them how innovative you can be. Like the other two challenges, once you have three pictures that you’re happy with, you can upload three of your best to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #GoSnapshot and #Createchallenge.

The Create challenge runs from Monday, May 13 to Wednesday, May 22. With this task being a month away, you’ve got enough time to come up with some really creative for this challenge.

Pokemon Go Snapshot Contest | What prizes can I win?

pokemon go snapshot contest

Like any good competition, the Pokemon Go Snapshot contest will have one winner and two runners-up. They will be selected on three criteria set by Niantic too, which are originality, creativity, and the visual fun of their snapshots.

Each runner-up for the three competitions will win a special PokeStop that features their best photograph, and it will remain at the PokeStop’s location for at least three months.

Each winner will receive a special Pokestop too, as well as a pretty decent sounding trip. Niantic will fly out the three contest winners to a 2019 Pokemon Go Fest of their choice, with travel and tickets included. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you better get entering.