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World War Z Progress Lost | Is there a fix?

As far as video game bugs go, this World War Z Lost Progress one is right up there with the worst. A few players have been complaining that they have lost all their World War Z progress, particularly on the PS4 version of the game. Obviously, this World War Z PS4 save corruption issue isn’t an ideal situation for a brand new game to be in. Thankfully, a fix appears to be on the way, and for now we’ve also got a temporary fix for PS4 owners so they don’t lose all their save data. Read on to find out what you can do to fix the ghastly bug.

World War Z Lost Progress | What’s the issue?

World War Z Progress Lost

While it hasn’t been affecting too many players, some have been taking to official support forums to air their frustrations that all of their World War Z progress has been lost. No one wants to lose any game progress, no matter how far into the title you have reached. This particular save data corruption issue seems to mostly be affecting PS4 owners of the game, and there seems to be multiple ways it can happen.

One player, user h3vnly on Reddit, suggests that the save data corruption can happen when you just go and search for either a PvE or PvP match, and upon loading the match, World War Z might crash your PS4 to a blue error screen with an option to submit an error report to Sony. After this, they restarted the game, and was told that their save data is corrupted and could not be loaded.

Another player took to the official support forum to air their annoyance with the bug. Player cXrdyceps explained that they played World War Z for around 3 hours, then took a break to play another game. Once they returned, they found that all of their progress had simply disappeared. The same thing happened to one of their friends, but not the other. A bizarre bug, for sure. This occurred on the PS4 edition of the game.

Thankfully though, a forum Community Manager by the name of Raibi got back to cXrdyceps. It appears as though a fix is on the way.

World War Z Lost Progress | Is there a fix on the way?

World War Z Progress Lost

According to Raibi (as mentioned above), the developers are aware of the lost progress bug and a fix is being worked on as you’re reading this. Unfortunately, no time-frame was given for the fix. We’d like to think that for something this major, an update will crop up soon with a fix contained within. In the latest 1.02 patch notes for World War Z, developer Saber Interactive confirms that it is sorting the problem right now, including more specifically, progress being lost after a PSN name change.

For now, though, we’d recommend making double-sure that you have saved your progress before exiting World War Z. If your game progress is consistently being deleted, however, it might be worth holding off on the game until the bug is fixed via an update.

Can I restore my data after World War Z PS4 save corruption?

Until the fix is released, all players of World War Z on PS4 need to be aware of the possibility of save game corruption, but fortunately there is a temporary fix, or at least one that can lessen the blow significantly. As user h3vnly points out in his Reddit post, the PS4 has cloud save functionality through PlayStation Plus, which you’ll have if you’re trying to play the game online. If after every successful mission or match you upload your save data to the cloud and restart the game, if you ever get the save corruption bug you can simply restore your save file from the cloud. You just have to remember to do it, at least until the proper fix is released. A minor inconvenience, but worth it for peace of mind.