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Fortnite Mimic Emote | How to copy and sync emotes with other players

The new Fortnite 8.40 update has introduced a new feature that allows players to perform any emote in the game for free. The Fortnite mimic emote option allows you to copy any emote that a nearby character is using, meaning that you can replicate the emotes of your friends and any nearby players. With the mimic emote option, you can also sync up your dancing with nearby players. Read on to find out how to copy and sync emotes with other players in Fortnite.

Fortnite Mimic Emote | How to copy and sync emotes with other players

Fortnite Mimic Emote

The Fortnite mimic emote function was introduced in the 8.40 update, along with a whole host of new skins, and the limited time mode event Air Royale. The new mimic emotes option can be accessed through the emote wheel, but it won’t be visible until you’re nearby another player performing an emote. You need to be looking at a nearby player that is performing an emote to use this function. Once selected, you will start copying the emote that this player is using, which should automatically sync up in time with their dancing.

This new feature means that you can gain access to emotes that are no longer available to buy or earn, as well as any emotes that your friends already have. Of course, you can’t replicate the same emote again unless you’re looking at someone else performing it, so this isn’t a way to gain permanent access to every emote. The Fortnite mimic emote feature does, however, mean that you can theoretically share emotes around your team, so that you don’t all need to buy the same one. Likewise, this could open up some interesting encounters with other players in the arena, as you trade your favorite emotes in a strange form of tranquil diplomacy through the medium of interpretive dance.