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Fortnite Animal Petting | How to pet a dog

Fortnite has now moved into season 8, and the most recent update added Fortnite Animal Petting. Pets have been in the game since way back in season 6 now but they don’t really do much. However, this recent update allows you to interact with them and even pet them. Regardless of what pet it is, you can now pet them all. But I know there is one animal above all else you are all wondering about. So, here’s how to pet a dog in Fortnite.

How to pet a dog in Fortnite

Fortnite Animal Petting

Fortnite Animal Petting is now a part of the massively popular battle royale game, coming in update 8.40. The new feature allows you to pet any animal/creature from foxes, to dragons, and, of course, dogs. Before we start, here’s the bad news. You can’t pet your own companion. You can only greet the pet of one of your allies, so enemy pets are ruled out as well.

Across all platforms, unless you’ve remapped your controls, you’ll want to press the reload/interact button to initiate the wholesome petting of Fortnite’s cute animal companions. The button is square on PS4, “X” on Xbox One, and “E” on PC. The action will cause a charming animation to occur, with the companion gratefully accepting the attention.

While many players are eager to find out how to pet a dog, the update may be problematic for more serious Fortnite players. The petting animation does come with sound, so you need to be careful when sneaking around with teammates. If you accidentally hit reload too close to a friend’s back, then your position may be given away. Your usually innocent little buddy might end up getting you killed. It is not known if Epic Games is anywhere of this potential issue.

As previously mentioned, while you can pet your teammates’ companions all you like, you cannot pet any enemy animals. This seems like a missed opportunity for some mischief. Being able to creep up to enemies and sneakily pet their animal, potentially causing them to jump out of their skin, would be welcome in a future update.