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World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy | How to unlock Come Back Haunted

Like most PS4 games, there’s a World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy that you’ll be dying to get your hands on. Not literally though, as you’ll need to stay live in order to get the Come Back Haunted trophy. Find out how to unlock the World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy with our in-depth guide.

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy | How to unlock

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy

To unlock the World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy, you will be required to earn every other trophy in the game. There are 35 other trophies for you to collect in the survival horror shooter. Three of these are gold, 14 of them are silver, and 18 are of bronze.

Don’t be fooled by the possibility of earning some very easy bronze or silver trophies before you hit the gold ones. There’s plenty that can trip you up on your way to earning that coveted platinum one. We’ve listed a few of the toughest trophies below to give you an indication of how much grinding you’ll have to do. You can thank us when you lift that platinum trophy high into the air.

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy | Gold trophies

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy

As you’d expect, the three gold trophies will make the difference in your pursuit of the World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy.


Unlock every perk in the game. There are six class types, and each one has 30 perks to unlock. That means you’ll need to unlock all 180 perks in the game to receive this reward.

Thankfully, you can buy perks for classes you don’t play regularly as using the XP you pick up during missions. You won’t have to play as every class type to unlock their perks then, which is a nice way of not having to grind to get a single trophy.

Imposing Arsenal

Buy every final version of every weapon in the game. There are 28 weapons in the game, which are broken down into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Melee, and Heavy weapon categories. You’ll have to get the best version of all of these weapons in order to earn this trophy.

Well, What Did You Achieve?

Finish all episodes on the hardest difficulty. Turn that difficulty setting up the max and prepare for a zombie onslaught. Naturally, you should work your way up to hard mode by learning the ropes on easy first and then trying your hand at normal difficulty.

Once you’re a dab hand on those, you can move on. You won’t nail hard mode first time around, so be patient, squad up with three other players to maximize your damage output, pick a good strategy, and stick to it.

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy | Silver trophies

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy

Part of your World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy quest requires you to get those 14 silver ones. Some are easier than others though, so have a look at what some of the more difficult ones are below.

High Caution

Finish a level without dealing any friendly fire damage. A tough one, but not impossible. Your best bet here is to play as your squad’s Medic, hang back, and only heal your teammates. That might not be to their liking if you aren’t killing zombies, but using any weapon could cause you to shoot them and make your attempt null and void.

You could also try the Slasher class. Getting up close and personal with the horde will hurt, but you won’t be dealing damage to your friends if you aren’t firing any guns. It’s worth a, well, shot.

Sports Kills

Kill a Lurker midair. This special zombie jumps around and tries to pin you down, so you’ll have ample opportunity to shoot one of the air. Don’t fire wildly though. Line up your shot, be patient, and try to take them out with a shotgun if you can. If you miss, don’t worry. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road.

Strong Immunity

Finish a level without using a health pack. Hanging back, not being swarmed, or being attacked by flanking zombies are your best attempts at getting this trophy. Pick a support class like the Medic and you won’t have to wade into the action. Unless your teammates are all horrendous and need saving, that is.


Kill a Bull zombie while it’s charging. These special zombies are coated in armor and love to charge at you. Work as a team to bring it down to a sliver of health. Once it charges for one last time, shoot it as soon as possible to fully kill it.

Make sure you repay the favor for your teammates with this trophy too. Nobody likes a guy who gets it themselves and walks off without helping others.

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy | Bronze trophies

World War Z PS4 Platinum Trophy

Finally, we come to the hardest bronze trophies. These should be a doddle compared to the above, but don’t expect the World War Z PS4 Platinum trophy to just land in your lap. You still need to work for it.

Can’t Fool Me

Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up. It doesn’t sound difficult, but those zombies can surprise you with their speed and ability to get back up. A quick pistol shot to the head will do the trick once you’ve downed them. Just make sure you don’t miss.

What the Doctor Ordered

Heal 30 teammates with less than 20% health using the Stim Pistol or Medkits. Again, it doesn’t sound hard, but you might not realize just how much health some of your squad have. Tell them to give you an indication of when they’re under 25% health before you run in and heal them, otherwise it won’t count towards your total.