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Minecraft House Ideas | 12 houses that you can build in Minecraft

Minecraft has amassed over 91 million month players since its release in May 2009. In the pixelated world, players mine for resources that they can use to craft all kinds of different things, like weapons, armor, and building material, just to name a few. Some Minecraft players like to go and beyond with their creations, and make real-life, richly detailed houses. However, it can sometimes be hard to come up with Minecraft house ideas. So we looked around the internet and put together a list of our favorite Minecraft house ideas below. Check out these 12 Minecraft house ideas!

Minecraft House Ideas | Keeping it simple

Wooden Survival House

If you want to keep it simple and practical, then the Wooden Survival House is the way to go. With four stories and a large interior, it will give you plenty of room to store all of your supplies, as well as add a few decorations. You can also fill the house with different traps if you want to stay safe from your enemies. If this interests you, you can find out how to build it using the YouTube tutorial from WiederDude Tutorials.

One Chunk Wooden House

As you can see in the picture below, Reddit user Atenon build what is called a “one chunk” house. If you are unfamiliar with what a “chunk” is, it is essentially a 16×16 block plot. So, “one chunk” is equal to one 16×16 space. The one chunk wooden house is four stories, with three floors and a basement. Due to the openness of this design on the top three floors, if you go for this design you’ll want to put all of your chests in the basement. As you can see, the top three floors are very open due to the large glass windows. If you fill it with chests it’ll look cluttered and unorganized. However, filling the basement with your loot will allow for the top floors to be used for a nice, modern design.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Atenon]

Fortified House

As you can see, Reddit user MCNoodlor built a fortified house that is perfect for protecting yourself. The house is elevated, made of stone and has very little windows and openings. This would be perfect if you’re playing in a survival server and want to keep out unwanted guests. Not only is it practical for safety, but the tower in the back of the house will also allow you to have a nice view of the world. If you want to see how MCNoodlor built the fortified house, check out the walkthrough.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user MCNoodlor]

Modest Living House

If you’re just starting out and not looking to make anything too extravagant, but still want it to look nice, then the modest living house is perfect. This house is just big enough to store all of your supplies and won’t take you forever to build. If you’re new to Minecraft houses, this will offer a little bit of a challenge without being too difficult. Reddit user Vulpixy has kindly shared some pictures of the house, so you can use it as inspiration to create your own modest living house!

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Vulpixy]

Minecraft House Ideas | Floating Houses

The Tony Stark House

If you like the water but don’t want to live right on top of it, then the Tony Stark house is the perfect fit. Built on land, this house hangs over a beautiful waterfall and looks out onto the waters, much like Tony Stark’s house in the Iron Man movies. As you can see in the picture, Reddit user Roughtown built the house with plenty of deck space so they could enjoy the outdoors. The inside of the house is filled with windows so the view can be enjoyed. However, hopefully your house won’t meet the same ending as Tony Stark’s.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Roughtown]

The Water House

Maybe you prefer to be lower to the ground, like BDashU from Reddit does. As you can see, they have crafted a nice house that extends over the water. With buildings on both sides of the water, this house has a nice walkway that extends over the water and leads to another part of the house. This is a cool idea and makes for an easy way to pass over a body of water.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: BDashU from Reddit]

The Space Needle House

Reddit user FromFrankie decided to make themselves a house in the sky. This Minecraft floating house looks like a combination of the Seattle Space Needle and a ring space station. As you can see in the picture, the Space Needle house has an open grassy area on the bottom, with pathways that lead up to the top floor where there is a nice round walkway with windows. This house is perfect for seeing across the vast Minecraft world!

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user FromFrankie]

Aquatic Living House

If you’re not one for land, then the Aquatic Living house is gonna be what you want. Maybe you just need a break from the land, Well, with the Aquatic Living house, you can retreat to your vacation home over the water. As you can see in the design by Reddit user Dr_Bond, this house has a very unique theme surrounding living on the water. Whether it’s your primary house or just a fun side project, get creative with it and make your Aquatic Living just how you like it.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Dr_Bond]

Minecraft House Ideas | Mansions

The Mansion

The Mansion is only for those who enjoy a life of luxury. With a nice walkway leading up to the house and intricate shrubbery surrounding it, you’ll feel like true royalty. Reddit user Fletch222 built this house and completed it with a wine cellar, library, furniture, and much more. For those who have a taste for the finer things in life, the Mansion might be the right one for you.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Fletch222]

The Wayne Manor

This house has a haunting resemblance to Bruce Wayne’s house, which is why it has been coined the Wayne Manor. This Manor was built by Reddit user Radocs and is complete with multiple rooms that can be explored. There are also some walkways along the outside of the house that allow for easy access to the different parts of the Manor. As you can see in the picture below, it also looks especially beautiful at night.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user Radocs]

The Underwater Mansion

Sometimes the ground can get boring, so why not build your house underwater? That is what Reddit user DarthCostanza did and it turned out pretty cool! Whether it’s your main house or just a secret hideout, the underwater house provides a nice element of seclusion for you to hide your most valuable treasures. Customize it to fit your personality and enjoy your underwater haven.

The Woodland Mansion

Get away and enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods with this Woodland Mansion Minecraft house idea. As you can see in the picture below of Reddit user MC_Pitman’s house, the Woodland Mansion offers a peaceful place to kick back and relax. Complete with four stories, the Woodland Mansion will give you plenty of space to store your valuable items as well as decorate to your liking.

Minecraft House Ideas

[Image Credit: Reddit user MC_Pitman]

There are tons of awesome Minecraft house ideas out there. This post only scratches the surface of the different kind living arrangements that are available. If you like one of these designs, awesome! Be sure to follow the links below the images out if you’d like to build them for yourself. If not, create your own Minecraft house that represents your creative ideas and share it with us!