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Anno 1800 Update Today (April 25) Patch Notes

A brand-new Anno 1800 update has sailed into view. Skip to the end to read the full list of Anno 1800 April 25 update patch notes. If you’re in a more exploratory mood, however, you can also read through a few of the notable Anno 1800 update today patch notes highlights. Anyone after a little more detail with their patch notes will want to take stock of everything in this guide. Ready to discover a whole new world of patch notes? Read on intrepid explorers.

Anno 1800 Update Today (April 25) Patch Notes | Highlights

Anno 1800 Update Today (April 25) Patch Notes

The latest Anno 1800 update will be available to those playing the game through Uplay, the Epic Games Store, or those of you lucky enough to get hold a Steam copy. It’s not a huge patch, but it does bring with it several gameplay changes that should make things easier for you.

Gameplay changes

The main changes in terms of gameplay can be found in Diplomacy alterations. The cooldown timer of both the Flattering and Gifting Diplomacy skills has been lowered from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, which will prove handy for sure. Endgame players will be pleased with the next change, especially. Late game Diplomacy Negotiations now cost 70% less than they did before the new update. That should make those hard negotiations a little easier to stomach now.

On top of these two diplomacy changes, visitors have also been upgraded. Any visitors to your lands will now be more generous than they were before the update. After the update, visitors will give you 50% more income than they did before.


Alongside the various gameplay changes, Anno 1800 should perform better after today’s update. Steam players in particular will be glad to hear that the game’s FPS will increase on Valve’s platform thanks to the update. Several crashing issues have been fixed, too. Read on for the full list of Anno 1800 update today patch notes.

Anno 1800 Update Today (April 25) Patch Notes

Anno 1800 Update Today (April 25) Patch Notes

Below, you will find the full list of Anno 1800 April 25 update patch notes, courtesy of the official Ubisoft forums:

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed several Multiplayer Desyncs.
  • Fixed an issue for the Steam version, that made the games FPS drop significantly.
  • Fixed a rare issue, getting no further quests, after loading a savegame that has been created while a Newspaper was displayed.

Added some balancing fixes:

  • Diplomacy: Lowered the cooldown of “Flattering” and “Gifting” from 60 mins to 30 mins.
  • Diplomacy: Negotiations in the late game now cost ~70% less.
  • Visitors: Visitors are now more generous (Visitor income increased by 50%).