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For Honor Sakura | Who is the new For Honor hero?

The second season of year three of For Honor is bringing with it the all-new hero Sakura to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Season pass holders will be able to play as Sakura for free when the new season launches on May 2. However, those who do not own the season pass will have to wait a bit longer to play as Sakura in For Honor. The For Honor Sakura hero will be available in the game for those without a season pass on May 9, and can be acquired for players through in-game steel.  Sakura is the latest hero to be added to the For Honor roster this year, as Black Prior was released on January 31, and is presumably not going to be the last.

For Honor Sakura | Who is Sakura?

Sakura is an all new dark Samurai who is coming to For Honor later this month. Officially known as Hitokiri, she will be called Sakura if players play as a female and Yato if they play as a male. These warriors yield a Masakari axe and roam the world looking for criminals to execute. They are ghostly warriors who get their name from the word meaning “manslayers.”  The latest For Honor Sakura hero is not someone who should be messed with unless one has a death wish.

In addition to the For Honor Sakura hero, the second season of year three will also be bringing improvements to the Lawbringer and Raider as well as a new map called Canopy. These updates will be free for all players and will go live in the game on May 2, regardless of if they own the season pass or not. For more information on the new map and Lawbringer and Raider updates, tune in to the Warrior’s Den live stream on April 25 at 9 am PDT/ 12 pm ET.