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Fallout 76 Camera Location | How to find a dead tourist

Fallout 76 has had a pretty nifty Photo Mode since the game launched last year, but it can be difficult to open it and take good pictures while under attack by giant wasps, Scorched ghouls, or Yao Guai. Thankfully, as of the latest update to the game called Wild Appalachia patch 8.5Fallout 76 finally gets a proper camera that you can equip to take photos directly. But you have to find it first, so you’ll need to know the Fallout 76 camera location.

It can actually be really difficult to get hold of the new Pro Snap Deluxe Camera, simply because it’s a little reliant on luck and whether the dead tourist you need to find spawns in. What do you need to get the camera? Where are the camera locations and dead tourists? How do you make a camera? Are there any special quests you can access once you get a working camera, meaning that there’s more reason to get one than just taking pretty pictures? How do you work the thing anyway? We’ve got the answers to all these questions. But we won’t tell you what “film” is, youngster.

What do you need to get the new Pro Snap Deluxe Camera?

In order to get the new Fallout 76 Pro Snap Deluxe Camera that everyone’s talking about, you have to be able to build one. You can’t buy them in any stores (not yet, anyway), and you can’t find a working camera anywhere in the West Virginia wasteland (again, not as of this moment anyway). So yes, you’ll have to build a camera yourself, and in order to do that you have to find a broken camera first. These are located on the bodies of dead tourists. But where can these dead tourists be found?

Fallout 76 Camera Location | Where can I find a dead tourist with a broken camera?

Fallout 76 Camera Location

There are many different places where dead tourists with broken cameras can be found in Fallout 76, and to find them you just have to employ a little common sense. Check the map, and try to decide: if you were a tourist seeing the sights of West Virginia, where would you go? In all likelihood, wherever you name will probably have the possibility of a tourist and their broken camera spawning there.

Tourist bodies can be easily identified, because they have names such as “Anne” and “Ansel” and they’re dressed in tourist-y clothes, like baseball caps. Here are the current confirmed Fallout 76 camera locations where dead tourists have been spotted so far. A lot of them are based in the northern part of the map, but it’s entirely possible other tourist bodies will be found elsewhere on in Fallout 76.

  • Philippi Battlefield Cemetery – in the graveyard area, on the path.
  • Colonel Kelly Monument – at the top of the hill.
  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park – leaning against a car in the parking lot.
  • Prickett’s Fort
  • Miners Monument
  • Tyler County Fairgrounds
  • Camden Park? – unconfirmed, seems likely
  • Mothman Museum? – unconfirmed, seems likely

Here’s the crucial part, however: while players have confirmed that all of these locations contain dead tourists with their broken cameras, they may not spawn immediately, or at all. Some players have reported having to wait around for a little while for the tourist’s corpse to spawn, and for others (including ourselves) they simply haven’t spawned at all. The simplest and probably quickest way to force a dead tourist to spawn is to go to one of these locations, and then server hop by exiting to the main menu and re-entering. Hopefully then the tourist will appear, although you may have to do this a few times before it works.

How do I make a working Pro Snap Deluxe Camera?

Once you’ve finally found a dead tourist, raid the broken camera from them and you’ll gain the ability to craft a new one. You’ll also get a special quest line (which we’ll go into below), but you don’t need to complete this to get the camera. Head to any Tinker’s Workbench and you now should have the plans for a Pro Snap Deluxe Camera in the crafting list, so you can put one together yourself.

How do I use the Pro Snap Deluxe Camera?

Fallout 76 Camera Location

The Pro Snap Deluxe Camera can be equipped just like a weapon, and can be found in the same list in your inventory. Equip it, and then simply use the “aim” button to look through the camera lens, and then the “attack” button to take a picture. The camera isn’t infinite use, however, and uses Film as ammo. The Perk card “Ammosmith,” which allows you to craft more rounds when making ammo, works with Film, so that’s a useful tip. One neat part about the camera is that, while aiming, it will actually identify known landmarks and creatures, which is a neat touch.

Are there any special quests you need the camera for?

The Pro Snap Deluxe Camera is useful for more than just taking lovely pictures of the surrounding wasteland, however, since there’s a special quest line just for it. You’ll get this quest when taking the broken camera from the dead tourist, at which point the pop-up for the “Bucket List” quest will appear. To complete this quest you’ll have to complete the tourist’s photo album, so you’ll have to travel around the wasteland taking pictures of specific landmarks. You’ll need to craft the camera before you undertake it, of course. There are also some Camera-related Challenges too, just to keep things interesting.