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Fortnite Duel Mode | Does Fortnite have a 1v1 mode?

Fortnite has been a battle royale sensation for Epic Games since it was released in 2017. The game is now available across a stunning range of platforms, from console leaders PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to mobile versions on iPhone and Android. The battle royale mode itself is a spin-off of the original Fortnite, now referred to as Save the World. However, one mode has never made it to the battle royale or any Fortnite mode. Fans are still wondering “does Fortnite have a 1v1 mode?” and if it will ever get a duel mode.

Does Fortnite have a 1v1 mode?

Fortnite Duel Mode

The simple answer to this question is, well,  no. There is no defined 1v1 mode in Fortnite. But one may be coming very soon. In the meantime, players have found creative solutions to the lack of a Duel mode in the game. Fortnite fans have used the game’s Playground mode to create their own 1v1 situations. However, this isn’t enough for everyone.

Players have been asking for a defined “Duel” mode in the game for some time. Back in March, an Epic Games employee finally gave an update on the potential mode during an AMA on Reddit. The employee with the username “darkveil” revealed Epic Games are planning on adding a 1v1 mode with a “winner stays on” style of rules. The same user followed up on their comments more recently. According to “darkveil”, the feature isn’t going to be released imminently as it requires the technology featured in the game’s next “Creative” update. The required tech updates include adding multiple rounds, how the game scores the mode, and how it designates a winner.

There you have it then. While it still isn’t a definite answer, it does show a Duel mode where players can play 1v1 will eventually make its way to Fortnite. The post seems to indicate the mode will be coming around the start of Season 9, as this is when big “Creative” updates usually occur. With only two weeks left in Season 8, fans can maybe start getting excited about Duel mode.