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Fortnite Season 8 End Date | When does Season 8 end?

As the latest challenges in Fortnite Season 8 come to an end, many players are looking forward to the next season and Battle Pass in Season 9. The Fortnite Season 8 end date hasn’t yet been publicly announced by Epic Games so far, with details on any upcoming events remaining scarce. Of course, with the end of Season 8, players will no longer be able to unlock the latest Season 8 skins. However, thanks to a listing on the PS4, we now know when to expect the Fortnite Season 8 end date. Read on to find out when Season 8 ends.

Fortnite Season 8 End Date | When does Season 8 end?

Fortnite Season 8 End Date

While Epic hasn’t yet announced their plans for Season 9, we know that the Fortnite Season 8 end date is expected to follow the standard length of 70 days. This comes from a listing on the PS4 Season 8 event, which details that Season 8 will end on May 8, 2019, at 8pm CT, following which point the Season 9 events should begin. This is by no means a strict deadline, however, as Epic may have changed their schedule since the start of Season 8; after all, the previous season was extended by two weeks to account for the holidays.

If this Fortnite Season 8 end date is taken to be correct, then Season 9 is expected to start on May 9, 2019, bringing all-new Battle Pass challenges and limited-time events to the battle royale arena. We don’t know much about the next season yet, but the volcano in Fortnite’s map has started smoking in recent days, suggesting that it may become more active in the next season. Moreover, Loot Lake still has four runes to complete, somehow connected to the metallic hatch structure found in the middle, but this could be provoking the recent volcanic activity. We’ll have to wait for official details before we know anything else on Season 9.