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Apex Legends Content Updates | Why isn’t Apex Legends getting new content?

Apex Legends took the world by surprise when it launched on February 4 of this year. It quickly took the world by storm and was touted as a major threat to the battle royale leader FortniteSince its launch, Apex Legends has continued to have a steady stream of players, despite the lack of Apex Legends content updates. Season 1 began on March 19, and since then, there haven’t been as many content updates as players would like. So, why isn’t Apex Legends getting new content?

Where are all the Apex Legends content updates?

During the GamesBeat Summit 2019, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella spoke during a Q and A with Ted Price (Insomniac Games CEO) and was asked about Apex Legends. To begin their conversation, Price asks Zampella how Apex Legends is doing. Zampella responds that Apex Legends is doing great and that they are bringing in new users daily and have a strong recurring player base. Zampella then goes on to says that the Respawn team “didn’t expect it [Apex Legends] to be as big as it was,” which is the key statement that leads to why Apex Legends isn’t getting as many content updates as players would like.

Zampella begins discussing that the team at Respawn was totally caught off guard by how big of a success Apex Legends turned out to be, and because of that, they were still internally trying to figure out what they need to do. According to Zampella, with the number of players that are currently playing Apex Legends they are discovering lots of little “quality of life” issues that need to be addressed, such as the various jump pad bugs.

Zampella promises that they are “going to put the focus back on those qualities of life issues and make sure everything is perfect before we really start to build more content.” He wraps up the topic by saying, “If the game is not working for everybody, then it’s not fun for everybody.” This pretty much sums up why the Apex Legends content updates have been slowing down recently. The team at Respawn is putting its focus on making the gameplay smooth and enjoyable for everyone before they focus on adding new content.