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Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program | How to earn rewards for reporting bugs

Rainbox Six Siege is starting a new program known as the Bug Hunter Program which offers players rewards for reporting bugs. The Rainbox Six Siege Bug Hunter Program is all about incentivizing players to report bugs by giving them rewards, all with the goal of making Rainbow Six Siege a better game. There will be multiple reward thresholds based on the amount of bugs players report. Currently, the prized reward is a Raptor Legs Frost Charm, which is modeled after one of the games most well-known bugs. The Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program went live on test servers today, with more updates and rewards to come.

Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program | How to earn rewards for reporting bugs

Rainbow Six Seige Bug Hunter program rewards

Earning rewards from the Rainbox Six Siege Bug Hunter Program is pretty simple. All you have to do is report bugs through R6Fix and you will begin earning rewards. Once your report has been received by the QA test team, they will try to replicate the bug based on your report. If they are able to reproduce the bug, they will mark your report as acknowledged and you will receive credit towards a reward. All bug reports must be submitted in English and in detail, clearing showing the bug through a screenshot or video, so that the test team knows exactly what they are looking for and trying to recreate.

Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program | How to report a bug

Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program

One important thing players need to know so that they can earn rewards from the Bug Hunter Program is how to report a bug. As mentioned above, you must submit the report through R6Fix. In order to submit a report, you’ll need to make a Ubisoft account. Once you’ve done that, the process is pretty simple. Go to the R6Fix page and click on the big blue button on the upper right-hand side of the screen that says “Add Report.” Then, simply follow the steps that are outlined and you’ll be well on your way to getting some great Rainbow Six Siege rewards.