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Days Gone Unlock Fast Travel

Fast travel in Days Gone is a bit more complicated than most games. The system is fundamentally the same, but you have to take into account things like whether or not there are infestations along your route and whether you have enough gas to make it to your destination. We’ll cover the ins and outs of Days Gone fast travel below, so when you unlock it, you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

How to unlock fast travel in Days Gone

Days Gone Fast Travel Cost

When you hover over a fast location it will tell you how much in-game time will pass and how much fuel it will cost.

To unlock fast travel in Days Gone all you need to do is visit a location. Locations you can fast travel to include:

  • Survivor camps
  • NERO Checkpoints
  • Completed ambush camps

You’ll find other points of interest in the game that will allow for fast travel, but these three locations are the major places you can count on to unlock a fast travel point.

When fast traveling in Days Gone, there are some factors you need to keep in mind to make the process possible. You have to meet several criteria before fast travel to a location will be available:

  • You must be near your bike.
  • Your bike must have enough fuel to make it to the destination.
  • No infestations can be along the path to your destination.

Fuel is the biggest concern when fast traveling. Instantly transporting to a destination takes more gas than just riding there, which is one of the factors that balance out the system. Also, time passes when you’re fast traveling, so you have to keep the clock in mind when doing so. Since Freaker behavior changes between day and night, you’ll have to prepare accordingly for when you’ll arrive. Additionally, if there are any Freaker nest infestations along the way, you’ll have to clear them out before you can fast travel.

With its limitations, you really need to weigh whether it’s worth fast traveling or not. For short distances, you’re usually better off just riding in real time.