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Days Gone Get More Gas | Find gas cans and pump fuel at gas stations

You continuously need to find gas in Days Gone. Your bike is your life, and fuel is what keeps it going. Unfortunately, especially in the beginning, you’ll constantly find your gas tank running close to empty. Fortunately, there are a lot more sources of gas than seem apparent at first, and you’ll be able to increase how much your gas tank can hold as time goes on.

How to get gas in Days Gone

Either your motorcycle only holds about a gallon of gas, or it gets horrible gas mileage because you just can’t get very far on a tank. Early on, a big worry will be finding enough fuel to keep your hog on the road.

There are three ways to fill your gas tank in Days Gone:

  • Using a gas can
  • Filling up at a gas station
  • Paying for gas at a mechanic

How to find gas cans in Days Gone

Days Gone Gas Can

When your motorcycling around in Days Gone and you need a quick fill up, the most common way to do it is with a gas can. You’ll find these all over, though sometimes it seems like it’s only when you don’t need them.

There are two surefire locations you’ll always find a gas can. If you’re running on empty and you’re not near a gas station, you can be on the lookout for these landmarks to find a gas can:

  • NERO checkpoints
  • Wreckers

At NERO checkpoints there will always be a generator you need to start to open the base. Fortunately, the gas can that is conveniently placed nearby to fill it up will always respawn.

You can also depend on the derelict wreckers you’ll find on the roads of Oregon to have a gas can too. There will always be one tucked away on the rear driver’s side of the truck.

Gas cans will fill your bike up to 100% no matter what level of tank you’re using, so all it takes is one to go from riding on fumes to having a full tank.

Other than those two locations there are a few other places that will usually have a gas can in them. Military trucks often have one in the bed, though this isn’t always true. You’ll also find them near gas stations, but since you can get fuel from the pumps there, they aren’t very useful.

It can be tempting to use gas cans as a weapon since they blow up when you shoot them, but most of the time they’re actually more useful to top off your bike with, even if you already have most of a tank. By topping off whenever you get a chance you can make it that much more unlikely you’ll run out at an inopportune time.

How to fill up your bike at gas stations in Days Gone

Days Gone Gas Pump

Another great place you can depend on to always have gas is unsurprisingly a gas station. You’ll find these throughout the world, and they’ll be marked with a gas pump icon on your map when you discover them.

To use a gas pump to fill up your motorcycle in Days Gone is simple. Just ride up to the one that doesn’t have an out of order sign on it, and you’ll see a prompt to hold the Circle button. When you do, the game will cut to Deek pumping gas into the bike, and you’ll have a full tank.

Sometimes you might have to back off of a pump and come back around to get the prompt to appear. This is rare, but if you’re trying to fill up your tank at a gas pump and you don’t see the Circle appear, just donut around and try again.

How to buy gas at camps in Days Gone

Days Gone Buy Gas at Mechanic

Each survivor camp has a mechanic that will sell you gas for camp credits. This amount increases depending on how much gas you need and how big your tank is. This can get really expensive and is a waste of credits you could be using for suppressors and new weapons.

Only fill up at a mechanic if you’re sure you can’t get to a free supply of gas. From several camps it’s just a quick jaunt down the road to find a gas station or a gas can.