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Days Gone Repair Melee Weapons | Can you keep melee weapons from breaking?

Melee weapons are incredibly powerful in Days Gone, and also have the side effect of being silent. Unfortunately, you don’t get much use before melee weapons break. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so your best bet is to keep them in good condition. Days Gone lets you repair melee weapons, but there are a few caveats.

How to repair melee weapons in Days Gone

Days Gone Repair Melee Weapons Menu

You can prevent melee weapons from breaking in Days Gone by continually repairing them. You can do so by holding R1, pointing the right stick towards the melee weapons slot, and holding it until you get the repair prompt.

Repairing melee weapons cost a certain amount of scrap. As a rule, the more powerful and durable a weapon is, the more scrap it will take to repair it. Fortunately, you can fix your melee weapon at any time, even mid swing by opening the inventory menu. You have to take care, though. Letting your weapon reach 0% durability has dire consequences.

Can you keep melee weapons from breaking in Days Gone?

When your melee weapon reaches 0% durability in Days Gone, it will break. Usually, as a consolation, you’ll get a free execution move with the remains of the weapon, but then it’s gone for good.

The only way we’ve found to keep melee weapons from breaking in Days Gone is to continue to repair them before they reach the breaking point. There’s no limit to how many times you fix a weapon, and as long as you keep your scrap levels up you should have no problem keeping them around as long you stay cognisant of its durability level.

This process is made easier if you keep a more durable weapon equipped. Crafted weapons tend to be more durable than ones you find throughout the world, and they do more damage than their components do alone.