Box art - Days Gone

Days Gone Suppressor | Primary, secondary, and special silencer, infinite suppressor

Getting a silencer for your weapons in Days Gone will open up many options for stealth gameplay. Freakers are attracted to noise and sight, so even if you can duck down to where they can’t see you, you’ll have to stick to melee stealth kills if you want to stay in hiding unless you’re properly equipped. By using suppressors, you can silence your guns in Days Gone and significantly increase your combat effectiveness while in stealth.

How to get suppressors in Days Gone

Days Gone Suppressor Merchant

You can buy suppressors for all three types of ranged weapons at any merchant.

You’ll likely find a suppressor pretty early on in Days Gone. All the silencers in the game are improvised out of oil filters, so you’ll want to be checking inside the hoods of cars when possible. Most of the time you’ll find scrap under the hood, but sometimes you’ll run across a suppressor.

Unfortunately, suppressors for your secondary gun are by far the most common. These will fit your pistol or compact SMGs, and at least give you a ranged option if you need to take out enemies from afar. However, your aim has to be incredibly precise to take down Freakers with a suppressed secondary. Anything less than a headshot will just alert them to your position.

Fortunately, primary and secondary suppressors also exist. I don’t recall ever finding one of these in the field, though. Instead, you’ll need to buy them from merchants. Each camps merchant sells all three types of suppressors for a small number of credits. The only catch is that you need to reach Trust Level 1 before you can buy them.

Once you start using primary and special weapon suppressors, stealth gets a lot more tenable. If you prefer to take your enemies out from afar, a silencer in Days Gone will allow you to take out whole camps of marauders and Rippers without them ever noticing you.

Is there an infinite suppressor in Days Gone?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s an infinite silencer in Days Gone. Part of what balances out the massive boost in stealth you get when you equip a suppressor is the fact you can only carry one of each, and they degrade with each shot. Otherwise, Deek would basically be an unstoppable silent killing machine.

It’s entirely possible there may be an infinite suppressor hidden away in the game, but after tens of hours of playing, we haven’t caught a hint of it.