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Days Gone Repair Bike | How to fix your motorcycle

While your bike is indestructible in Days Gone, it can be disabled if it takes enough damage. Finding the means to repair your motorcycle can be the difference between life and death in a world ravaged by bands of marauders and zombies. Fixing your bike in Days Gone can be done a couple of ways, and knowing when to use each method is essential if you want to save time and money.

How to repair your bike in Days Gone with scrap

Days Gone Repair Bike With Scrap

The cheapest way to fix your motorcycle is by using scrap. When you stand next to your bike, you’ll notice a Circle prompt on the engine along with a percentage that tells you how much health your bike has remaining. If it’s damaged, you can use scrap to repair it. Each piece of scrap you use heals 10% of the damage to your bike.

Scrap is useful for repairing and crafting in addition to repairing your motorcycle. It’s not exactly rare, but unless it’s a dire situation, you might want to hold onto your scrap for other purposes. If so, you can use the next method to restore your bike back to perfect condition.

How to fix your bike by spending credits at a mechanic in Days Gone

Days Gone Repair Bike at Mechanic

Each survivor camp has a mechanic. Some of them sell parts, others don’t, but all of them will refuel and repair your bike for a fee. You can find the mechanic in a camp by heading towards the crossed wrench and screwdriver icon on your minimap.

Mechanics will repair your motorcycle regardless of what trust level you have with the camp. The fee they charge depends on how badly your bike is damaged. The more damage that has to be fixed, the more they’ll charge.

Usually, this is the way to go if you’re close to or in a camp. The fee is pretty low, and it allows you to save scrap for useful gadgets and repairing melee weapons. However, both methods of repairing your bike in Days Gone are equally effective, and really the choice comes down to whether you’d rather spend camp credits or scrap.