Resident Evil 4 HD Xbox360 Cheats

The "Ditman" glitch

This glitch allows you to move 2x faster than normal and is useful when doing speed runs and for doing certain glitches around the game. You must have purchased the striker from the merchant and it doesn't require for you to upgrade the gun.(you can if you want to)

Press R1 to take out the striker but before the laser sight shows up, press Start to bring up your inventory and select another weapon of your choice. Now that you equipped another gun besides the striker, you should notice Leon move much faster than usual and this glitch is useful when you want to make it through a horde of zombies without getting harmed. Please keep in mind that this glitch wears off after entering a door with green letters or going up the stairs.

Unlockable Characters in the Mercenaries.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ada WongGet a four star rating or higher in the Pueblo map.
Albert WeskerGet a four star rating or higher in the Waterworld map.
HUNKGet a four star rating or higher in the Island map.
Jack KrauserGet a four star rating or higher in the Castle map.


Unlockable Costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Ashley (Armor)Beat Seperate Ways
Ashley (Popstar)Beat the Game
Leon (Gangster)Beat Seperate Ways
Leon (Resident Evil 2 Outfit)Beat the Game



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chicago Typewriter (Separate Ways)Beat Assignment Ada
Handcannon (New Game+ Only)Acquire a 5-star ranking with every character on every stage
Infinite Launcher (New Game+ Only)Beat the Main Game
Matilda (New Game+ Only)Beat the Main Game
P.R.L. 412 (New Game+ Only)Beat Professional Mode
Separate WaysBeat the Main Game



Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

A Bloodline Severed (50)Defeat the village chief in battle.
A Heart of Steel (150)Clear the game on the highest difficulty.
A Rock and a Hard Place (50)Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.
A Terrifying Assassin (150)Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.
Do Not Shoot the Water! (50)Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.
It Begins With a Ring (50)Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you.
Secure the Ballistics (50)Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Afterwards, the real fun begins.
The Castellan Falls (50)Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle.
The S Stands for Stylish!! (100)Acquire all of the costumes in the game.
The Ties That Bind (50)Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.
We're Going Home (100)Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.
What Are They Worth? (150)Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.