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Days Gone Demo | Is there a Days Gone demo download?

The premiere of the zombie survival RPG Days Gone on PS4 looks promising, but with reports of a slow start and disruptive bugs, many players are hoping to try it before they buy it. A Days Gone demo would allow players to try out the first smattering of missions, experiencing a few hours of the game before being prompted to buy the full version. While game demos are certainly supported on the PlayStation Store, there’s no promise from Sony that their own games will have one. Read on to find out is there a Days Gone demo download?

Days Gone Demo | Is there a Days Gone demo download?

Days Gone demo

While players that purchased the full game have been able to play the game for almost two days now, there’s currently no access to a Days Gone demo on the PlayStation Store. Moreover, Sony hasn’t made any official comment on the likelihood of a demo releasing in the coming weeks, so it’s not clear if there will be any opportunities to try out the game. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Days Gone demo releasing in the future; considering recent reports of bugs and long loading times, Sony may release a demo once these issues have been addressed.

There’s never a guarantee that a game will be released with a demo, but it has helped market games in the past, including the infamous Mass Effect: Andromeda and, more recently, Anthem. However, it’s not often that developers publish a demo after the full game is released, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you were hoping to play a few hours of a zombie survival game today, then you should have a look at Dying Light, as you can play a free demo of the first-person, open-world survival horror on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.