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Days Gone Loading Time Fix | How to speed up long load times

Since the release of the zombie survival Days Gone on PS4, players have been dealing with a handful of bugs, varying from holes in the environment to missing audio. However, the Days Gone loading times have also proven to be a common issue, with long periods of waiting for the next scene to begin. It’s not all doom and gloom, as this Days Gone loading time fix guide will help explain how to boost your game’s performance. Read on to find out how to speed up long load times in Days Gone.

Days Gone Loading Time Fix | How to speed up long load times

Days Gone Loading Time Fix

The Days Gone loading times are not a universal problem, but it has been reported to affect a multitude of players on PS4, especially in the opening stages of the game. If you’re searching for a Days Gone loading time fix after only playing the game for a short period, we recommend continuing on with playing, as it’s the initial loading times that seem to be the longest. However, if you’re still experiencing unbearably long loading times in Days Gone after more than a few hours of play, then your console may be struggling to handle the game.

If you’re playing on a PS4 Pro, then you have the option to use an SSD to improve your performance. In short terms, the standard HDD takes longer to process the game assets, so using an SSD will noticeably speed up your loading times. However, if you’re playing on one of the older PS4 consoles and suffering from longer load times, your expansion options are more limited.

Extended periods of intensive play can make life harder for your console, so giving it a break may also help give it a chance to recover, and provides you plenty of time to read up on increasing trust levels in camp.