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Days Gone Increase Trust Levels | Get camp trust level 3 fast

Each survivor camp in Days Gone has a trust level that must be raised if you want access to their best items. To get weapons and bike parts, you have to buy them with credits, but before you can do that, you need to raise a camp’s trust to the appropriate level. The more trust a camp has with you, the better the gear you can buy.

Survivor camps max out at level 3 trust in Days Gone, but to get them to that point takes a whole lot of work. The first two levels come reasonably quickly, but the third one will likely require you to go out of your way. Fortunately, we’ve got the info you need to farm trust in Days Gone so you can get the best guns and bike parts in the game.

How to increase trust in Days Gone

Days Gone Trust Level Map

You can see what your trust level is in a certain camp by highlighting it on the map.

Each survivor camp lies in a named region on the map. Pretty much everything you do in that region affects your trust level. The fastest way to increase trust is to complete missions in a camp’s area. Even quests that don’t really have anything to do with the camp will reward you with trust, including side missions and clearing out infestation zones and ambush camps.

Each camp has a main series of quests; these give you the most trust. A person in each camp, usually the leader, will also radio you to provide you with side missions from time to time. These are also great for getting significant boosts to your trust level.

By the time you complete all the main and side missions for a camp, you should be at level 2 trust and around a quarter or so of the way to level 3. Getting the rest of the experience you need to reach level 3 is a pain, but there are some ways to farm trust that make the process a bit easier.

How to farm trust in Days Gone

Days Gone Trust Increased

After each mission you’ll get a screen that tells you which camp you increased trust with and by how much.

So, you’re trying to hit level 3 in a camp, and there’s just no more missions available there. That means you’re going to have to start farming trust. The first thing to do is to clear out any remaining infestation zones, NERO Checkpoints, and ambush camps in the region. These will all net you trust for each enemy killed as well as a lump sum for completing the quests.

Even after clearing all these side missions, you’re probably not quite at level 3 trust in that region’s camp. The thing you need to do now is track down the hordes in the area. On the map, you’ll get a helpful number letting you know how many hordes are in each region. Taking out a swarm is a tricky proposition, and you’ll probably want to leave them for later in the game when you have more powerful explosives, firearms, and traps to attempt it.

Taking out a horde nets you trust in two ways. First, you get a massive amount of Freaker ears to turn in for a bounty. An enormous horde can net you +1000 trust in ears alone. Second, you get a lump sum of trust each time you take out a swarm. For tips on how to take on hordes in Days Gone, you can see our tips and strategies here.

If after all this you’re still below the required trust for level 3, you’ll have to get really down and dirty. Pretty much everything you do leads to gaining a little trust. So, if you need a few thousand XP for level 3, it’s time to go hunting.

Pick up the survival skill that shows plants on the minimap for starters. They can be hard to see without the ability, but you can sell them to a kitchen for credits and trust. Same goes for any animals. You can hunt deer, wolfs, and even bear to turn in. You can also seek out larger groups of Freakers to kill for ears. There’s plenty of bigger concentrations of the monsters that don’t quite count as a horde but are useful for getting 20-30 quick ears.

Getting to level 3 trust in Days Gone can be grindy, but the rewards are great. The best parts and weapons are locked to this level, and with them, you’ll become the master of the post-apocalypse.