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Days Gone Autosave Issue | Is Days Gone going to take up too much space?

Days Gone released today and players have already put hours of time into the latest Bend Studio release. As players make progress through the game, they have begun to notice that the more they play, the less hard drive space they have. This is due to the way that the Days Gone developers have set up its autosave function. Instead of overwriting previous saves, Days Gone creates a new save file every time the game autosaves, thus taking up more space. The Days Gone autosave issue is causing a lot of players trouble since lots of gamers have full hard drives. This is leading to a lack of storage which will eventually cause the game to stop autosaving, resulting in progress being lost.

Days Gone Autosave Issue | Is Days Gone going to take up too much space?

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There is no question that the Days Gone autosave issue is definitely going to take up a lot of unnecessary space on players’ hard drives. One Reddit user called SandyCohensGooch originally noticed the Days Gone autosave issue, and said that they had been playing for 7 hours and had over 40 autosave files totaling 468MB of storage. Now, if you have plenty of space on your hard drive, this isn’t a big deal at all. However, if you’re constantly having to delete stuff and only have 5% hard drive space left, then this is a pretty big deal. This is especially true if your hard drive space fills up and the game stops autosaving.

You can check the amount of autosaves you currently have by pausing the game and pressing load game, according to the Redditors. You can then go through and delete some of your old autosaves if you need to clear up space. Just make sure that you don’t delete your most recent autosaves because you might need them later!

It doesn’t seem that the developers have commented on the issue yet, but we would imagine they will release a fix for it once they have been made aware of it. In the meantime, just make sure to delete some of the old Days Gone autosave files if you find yourself running low on storage.