Box art - Days Gone

How long is Days Gone? | How many hours is the campaign?

Days Gone is a long game, and even just the campaign takes many hours to beat. While everyone has their own pace when playing a game, even the zippiest path through the game will eat up quite a bit of time. We’ll be taking a look at how many hours just the Days Gone campaign is. We’ll also be looking at how long to beat 100% of the content takes.

How many hours is the campaign in Days Gone?

There’s plenty of side content in Days Gone to soak up the hours, but the main story is where most of the meat is. The campaign takes you all across northwestern Oregon, and you’ll follow Deek’s adventure through three different regions. The large map means you’ll spend a lot of time on your bike traveling from place to place, not counting the traveling you’ll do during missions.

The game has six hours of cutscenes alone, and we clocked our time to clear just the Days Gone campaign at around 30 hours. This isn’t counting any of the side missions that are available in each camp or time spent clearing infestations, hordes, or seeking out collectibles.

How long does it take to beat Days Gone 100%

There are a large number of side activities you can do in Days Gone which adds a lot to your playtime. The majority of your hours spent will be tackling the campaign, but we estimate there are another 20 hours of supplemental content you can partake in.

If you want 100% completion, it will take you around 50-55 hours to beat Days Gone. This is under ideal circumstances going straight from point A to point B. Realistically, you’re looking at approximately 60 hours if you count in distractions, deaths, and other pitfalls.

There’s definitely enough to keep you busy for a long time whether you just want to see the story or complete everything.