Days Gone Binoculars Not Working Bug | How to fix binoculars glitch

Players are encountering a Days Gone binoculars not working bug, in which a binoculars glitch is preventing them from being able to equip the item. As binoculars are used for marking and tracking enemies in Days Gone‘s violent post-apocalyptic world, players not being able to equip them puts them at a severe disadvantage.

The binoculars are typically equipped by way of pressing up on the DualShock 4’s d-pad, with players able to mark enemies by pressing R2. After enemies are marked, a red diamond appears above their head, allowing you to track their whereabouts on your HUD. As it allows you to see their awareness levels, marking enemies is useful if you want to sneak by unnoticed. Unfortunately, some players have found that they’ve been unable to equip the binoculars during the game, making their lives a lot more difficult. Here’s how to fix this annoying bug.

What is the Days Gone binoculars not working bug?

days gone binoculars glitch

The Days Gone binoculars not working bug seems to be occurring at random for players. There’s no set list of circumstances that will prevent players from being unable to equip binoculars, with the glitch instead popping up as they’re playing the game. The bug ensures that players can’t equip the binoculars using the d-pad, meaning they’ll no longer be able to target enemies.

Some have also said they have been unable to equip rocks in the game, which are used as distractions in order to lure Freakers or other survivors away from an area. Both of these bugs combine to create a significant headache for players who want to navigate Days Gone stealthily, but there is a fix. Unfortunately, it’s one that can’t be deployed in-game.

How to fix Days Gone binoculars bug

There has been no official acknowledgment of the Days Gone binoculars bug from developer SIE Bend Studio. The recent Days Gone 1.05 update mentioned that it had addressed in-game bugs, but there was no word on the binoculars glitch being removed from the game. But there is a way to get the binoculars back if they’re suddenly inaccessible in your inventory.

Players can employ a workaround for the Days Gone binoculars bug by closing the game and restarting it. In order to do so, you must hold down the PS button and select ‘Close the Application,’ before selecting Days Gone. After doing so, start up the game again. You should now be able to equip your binoculars once again by pressing up on the d-pad.

While it may be frustrating to have to exit the game and start it up again, until a proper fix is deployed this is the only method players have found that works. Hopefully, a patch will prevent this bug from popping up in the near future, but until then you’re just going to have to follow the above instructions to begin marking enemies once again.