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Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio | Wild appearances, regionals, and more

Niantic has stunned trainers by releasing the Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio into the wild. Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit are all available outside of raids, so you will want to know how to catch them and if they are region specific. Learn everything about the Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio by reading below.

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio | Wild appearances

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio

You might be wondering exactly what the fuss is over the Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio. Let’s catch you up then. The official Pokemon Go Twitter account teased the appearance of three Pokemon on Monday, with silhouettes of the three critters in question appearing in the tweet’s image.

It turns out that the trio is none other than the Sinnoh region’s lake guardians Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. The generation IV legendaries, who are all Psychic types, were only available as raid boss battles like other legendary Pokemon in the game.

In a first for Niantic’s ARG title, however, they’ve started popping up in the wild. Various reports on the game’s Reddit page and the Silph Road subreddit have shown that they’re now available to catch without players needing to participate in raids.

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio | How to catch

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio

We’re not going to lie to you, the Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio will be incredibly difficult to catch. Their spawn ratio is extremely small, which you would expect from legendary Pokemon, and has been likened to the rarity of the Unown Pokemon. Even if you somehow stumble upon one, you’ll have a hard time adding them to your collection.

As their name suggests, you’ll find these three Pokemon around large bodies of water. Think lakes, reservoirs, and landlocked seas, and you’ll get the idea.

If you’ve got any Ultra Balls saved from spinning the disc at Pokestops on your travels, these are your best weapon to catch this trio. Be patient with your throws, line up your shots, and make sure you throw them when the closing circle turns green. This will give you the best chance to catch them. If you throw the ball when the circle is orange, you may miss or they may escape.

If you encounter one and they run away, don’t despair. It might take a while to find your next legendary, but keep trying and you’ll find one soon enough.

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio | Are they region locked?

Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio

It appears so. The Pokemon Go Legendary Lake Trio are, according to reports, only available in specific regions of the world. Trainers on Reddit and Twitter have revealed that Azelf can only be found in the Americas, Mesprit in Europe, and Uxie in Asia.

We don’t know if they’ll be available to catch in other regions sometime down the line, or if they’ll remain region specific indefinitely. It’s likely to be the latter, however, so you’ll have to do some traveling to catch them all.