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Fortnite Squad Formation | How to queue with more than four people

A new Fortnite Squad Formation feature has debuted overnight and players might be curious about what it is and how it works. It’s not terribly difficult to figure out — the new Squad Formation feature allows you to queue up with a maximum of 16 people in a single party. That’s right, 16 people. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can group up with your friends and jump into any game mode that you please. It does, however, make some of the alternate game modes in Fortnite a little easier to group up for.

Fortnite Squad Formation | How it works

Fortnite Squad Formation

The Fortnite Squad Formation feature lets you queue up into a group of four squads with four players each. Each of the four sub-squads has a unique name: Bear, Crab, Dragon, and Llama. When you begin to gather people together, you can move people around between the squads until you have a full set of 16 players.

Once you have more than 4 players in your party, you’ll find that the majority of the game modes are disabled. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to group up with a bunch of your friends and head into a standard Battle Royale match (at least not yet). The Squad Formation feature, rather, is intended for the Big Team modes in the game. Previously, you would only be able to queue with a squad of four for a Big Team game mode; the other 12 people on your team would instead be filled with random squads. This would sometimes result in a less-than-ideal gameplay experience.

The new Fortnite Squad Formation will now allow players to queue up for Big Team modes with their friends to ensure that you’ll have a competent team of 16 people and a good chance to win. (Well, they may not be competent, but at least you’ll know who they are.) You can access this new way of setting up for a game by clicking the “Squad Formation” button on the bottom right of the screen.

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