Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend | Play Ghost Recon Wildlands for free

Fans of the Tom Clancy games are in for a special treat this weekend. Starting on May 2, anyone can download and play Ghost Recond Wildlands for free through May 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. That’s right, you heard us, completely free! The Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend will start on May 2 and run through May 5. For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, servers open on May 2 at 10 am ET and will close on May 6 at 1 pm ET (console players will get a little extra time). For PC players, servers open on May 2 at 10 am ET and will close on May 5 at 4 pm ET.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend | How to download the game for free

Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend

You can download Ghost Recon Wildlands for free through the game’s official website. All that you need to do is pick your respective platform and it will take you to the games download page. There is no preload available, so you will have to check back on May 2 when the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend goes live. For Xbox players, Xbox Live Gold is required to participate. However, for PlayStation players, PS Plus isn’t required to participate but is required to play PvE content.

After the free weekend is up, if you find yourself enjoying Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft is offering a special discount on the game. Running from May 2-13, players can get up to 70% off of Ghost Recon Wildlands. You can find access to the deal on your respective platform store in just a few days when the deal goes live. Additionally, all progress from the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend will carry over to the full game, should you choose to purchase it.

Ghost Recon Wildlands released back in March 2017, if you missed out on it, now is a great time to find out what you missed!