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Pokemon Go Error 25 | Why can’t Pokemon be found?

A Pokemon Go error 25 message is doing the rounds in Niantic’s game. Players have been left frustrated with a message that states “This Pokemon can’t be found (25)” or, if they are, they despawn and disappear before they can be caught. Find out if there’s a Pokemon Go error 25 fix for this issue with our help.

Pokemon Go Error 25 | Why are Pokemon despawning?

Pokemon Go Error 25

The Pokemon Go error 25 message isn’t a new one, but it’s resurfaced after some time away from the game. Multiple reports have appeared on the game’s Reddit page in the past 24 hours with players unable to figure out what the issue is.

The problem stems from players who are clicking on Pokemon. Once a critter has been clicked on, people are finding that Pokemon is disappearing from view. This is quickly followed by the message which reads “This Pokemon couldn’t be found (25).”

Others have complained that the Pokemon they catch is completely different from the one displayed onscreen too. One Reddit user revealed that they caught a Swablu but, when they looked at their Pokedex, an Oddish appeared instead.

It isn’t an issue reserved for iPhone or Android users either. Players on both platforms have been hit by it, and it’s leaving many frustrated at a lack of communication from Niantic.

Pokemon Go Error 25 | How to fix

Pokemon Go Error 25

Thankfully, there’s a very easy way to fix the Pokemon Go error 25 issue. If you start to notice it more regularly than usual, or at all, then you’ll have to completely log out of the game. To do this, head to the main menu and scroll down the page until you come across the “log out” button at the bottom. Tap this, and the game will log you out. Close the application down too on your phone for good measure.

After a couple of seconds, launch the game again. You’ll be asked to sign in to the app. Do so, and the problem will be resolved. If it happens again, simply follow these instructions to get rid of it again.