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How to Play Rage on PS4 and Xbox One | Is Rage backwards compatible?

Rage 2 is nearly out, but you might need a refresher. Thankfully, there aren’t Rage backwards compatibility issues for 2011’s shooter, so you’ll be able to play Rage on PS4 and Xbox One, if you so wish, just in time for the sequel. Below, we’ll run you through each platform, including how to play Rage both via digital and physical means. The Bethesda-published title is well worth re-visiting, and you can do it for a pretty low price to boot.

How to play Rage on PS4

Play rage on PS4

Unfortunately, with the PS4’s architecture being the way it is, you can’t simply pop a PS3 copy of Rage into your console and firing it up. Instead, you’re going to need a PlayStation Now subscription.

If you have one then, great, head on over to the PS Now landing page, search for Rage in the top navigation bar, and away you go.

Be warned, however, that this isn’t the optimal way to play Rage thanks to the streaming service’s imperfect latency issues, but it is the only way you can get around to playing it on Sony’s current generation console.

How to play Rage on Xbox One

Play rage on PS4

You can play Rage digitially by either buying it via the Microsoft Store or having access to Xbox Games Pass. Unlike its PS Now equivalent, you can download Rage on Xbox One, which makes things run a lot smoother.

If you already own Rage on Xbox 360, and your Xbox One is fully up to date, you’ll be able to put your copy of the game into your console and get playing instantly.

Is Rage backwards compatible?

Play rage on PS4

Technically speaking, Rage is only backwards compatible on Xbox One as that is the only platform in which you can use a previous-generation disc on a current generation console. However, it’s playable on both PS4 and Xbox One to varying degrees of performance.