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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes May 2 | What’s in the Workshop update?

A new Overwatch PTR update has deployed a selection of changes to the game’s Workshop, with the Overwatch PTR patch notes for May 2 revealing a bunch of improvements made to the creative mode in the Overwatch update. The Workshop has yet to release on the game’s live servers, with it instead only being playable on the Public Test Region. As such, Blizzard is deploying changes to the mode while it’s still in its testing phase before it eventually makes its way to the full game.

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes May 2 | New Overwatch update

The new Overwatch update doesn’t include any major additions, but rather a series of improvements to the Workshop mode. Included among the changes are added actions such as ‘Go To Assemble Heroes,’ ‘Start/Stop Damage Modification,’ and ‘Stop All Damage Modifications.’ Eye positioning has also been introduced as a value, along with event damage and a bunch more options.

The overall script size limit has been increased by 4x, while a number of stability improvements have also been deployed. As Blizzard notes, the PTR remains PC-only meaning that PS4 and Xbox One owners won’t be able to see these changes. However, they may be included in a future console update.

Read the full Overwatch PTR patch notes May 2 below:

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes May 2 | Full patch notes


  • Added Actions:
    • Go To Assemble Heroes
    • Start Damage Modification
    • Stop Damage Modification
    • Stop All Damage Modifications
  • Added Values:
    • Eye Position
    • Ray Cast Hit Position
    • Ray Cast Hit Normal
    • Ray Cast Hit Player
    • Event Damage
    • Event Was Critical Hit
    • Last Damage Modification ID
  • Added “Remove From Array By Index” to “Modify Global Variable” and “Modify Player Variable”
  • Increased overall script size limit by 4x
  • Stability improvements

Overwatch PTR Workshop Update | What is the Workshop?

The Workshop is Overwatch‘s most interesting mode yet, with it allowing players to create their own game types or hero prototypes within Blizzard’s FPS. While the mode is relatively intuitive, experienced designers have been getting the most out of it, creating impressive modes for others to experience.

The Workshop mode will eventually be released on Overwatch‘s live servers, though Blizzard has yet to announce its official release date. At the time of this writing, it is only available for testing on the game’s PTR servers.