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Putting Bucket On A Persons Head With Out Them Knowing

This a super easy way to steal stuff off a person without them knowing its really helpful if your on a quest. First, pick up a bucket by holding the A button until you are able to move it around (the bigger the better). Next, move the bucket over the person of your choice then drop it on that person. Finally, crouch make sure you are undetected by everyone around you then steal the desired item. Thats it but I'm not sure if it works on bandits and guards but it works on every one else and it helps to be high in sneak hoped this helped and if it didn't sorry please like and comment.

Solution To The Dragonreach Cave Puzzle (Spoiler)

For the first mission for Dragonreach (inside the cave) you must solve a combination puzzle. Look to the wall above the closed gate and you will see two heads with a gap in the middle. Each one holds a picture of a creature (snake / dolphin). On the floor by the lever is the third creature (a snake). The combination is Snake, Snake, Dolphine. The second combination is found deeper in the chambers and it is a turntable combination, which is more difficult. The solution is Bear, Owl, Bird. Insert the claw, and then the door will open.

Cheating your way through Ustengrav

If you find that place where the horn of jurgen windcaller annoying, you've come to the right cheat. You can't skip ALL of it like this. Go to the room full of urns. Pick up a wooden plate (make it float) and put it flat against that REALLY suspicious rock... Its a door that only opens from the other side. Now, run as hard as you can against the plate. This make take a few tries, and you might have to move the plate a bit, but eventually you should glitch though the rock/door. Go to the end of the passage you find, and go though the door. Congrats, you've just cheated/glitched your way through most of a dungeon! (middle of dungeon to end of dungeon)

Steal cheat

You will need a house with a chest

For this you will need to be near your home

1-Choose what you are going to steal

2-Steal what ever you have chosen

3-Sprint back to your house avoiding every guard

4-Put it into your chest

5-Go outside and a guard will say "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense"then you will be sent to prison

6-Break out and in the dugeons collect money

7-Go back to your house and your item will still be there

8-Warning (guards can still arrest)=(avoid them if you can)

Smithing/Enchanting/Speech/Alteration level exploit

Go to the bandit camp just north of whiterun. Once you get inside, kill a bandit outlaw. The one you want to kill is the first one you see. He should have the key to a nearby door. Open that door, and avoid the traps in the area. Get all the iron ores you can. IMPORTANT- do not smelt them. Reach the end of said bandit camp. On a table near a large chest, you will find a spell book that lets you turn iron ores in silvers ores, and silver ores into gold. Use this spell until all of the iron you picked up are silver, and then until they are gold. Leave the camp, and go to the nearest mine. Whiterun works for this too. Smelt all of the gold, and make as many gold rings as possible. This will raise your smithing skill like CRAZY. The transmuting spell will level your alteration skill. If you want, you can enchant the rings, which will raise your enchanting skill like mad. Then, you go all over skyrim selling your truckloads of gold rings. As you sell then, sell them ONE BY ONE. It may be boring, but it raises your speech skill faster. Have fun with all that gold you just earned!

Jump Up Mountains Backward!

If you can't climb up a hill/mountain any further because it is too steep, try this! You can turn around (so your butt faces the mountain - and you're looking away from the mountain). Once facing the opposite direction, try jumping and pressing the control stick toward the mountain. If you do this a bunch, you'll actually go up the mountain even though it's too steep to walk up. You can also try diagonally in both directions to help you creep up the mountain.

Infinite Arrows Of Your Choosing

1st get a partner, hire one or earn one it does not matter. 2nd give your partner the arrow of your choosing it does not matter what kind. 3rd go fight something, when your partner attacks the enemy they can use an infinite number of the arrow you gave them. 4th if you want you can pick the arrows that your partner shot and place them in your inventory.

Unlimited Containers And Storage

All of the containers in Skyrim are persistent and hold items that do not disappear. So, any container (for example: barrels, boxes, chests, etc.) can be used to store your items. You can use containers near loading locations to keep things more organized. But, be careful, because some containers can "reset" and your items could vanish. You can try out different containers to see the effects. To be the safest, you'll need to purchase a house and store everything within it.

How To Get Around Faster

I realized this after playing for two days and alot of running. If you need to go across the map you can look for the nearest capital and pay for a carrage ride there and then walk the much shorter distance to your final destination there is a cart outside each capital.

Kill somebody without getting a bounty

1. Put an item (bucket, pot, etc.) on your target.

2. Make SURE nobody can see you.

3. Kill away at your target!

Ex. If you kill anyone in a town they will NEVER respawn. Always save before you kill somebody just in case.

Glitch-easy 100 speech no money or effort needed

This wont take long at all to get 100 speech. First go to the black briar meadery in riften and talk to ungrien behind the desk, then ask him to tell you about maven black briar. He will tell you that she is a nice person.... blah blah blah then you will have the option to pursuade him to tell you the truth, after that just keep repeating until you get to level 100 speech.

Glitch - Use the sneak roll without the perk

To do this activate sneak mode and hold the sprint button, then double tap the ready/sheath button while moving forward to execute to forward roll. If you do this while moving sideways, you instead do a hop in that direction.

Keep the Rusty Mace and Mace of Molag Bal from House of Horrors

Equip the Rusty Mace. Click on any weapon mount in Hjerlim. This will remove the mace from your inventory even though it is a quest item. Finish the quest and receive the mace with unlocked potential, the Mace of Molag Bal. This can be used to keep other quest weapons that you are meant to give to others, since the game assumes it is impossible that the item is not in you inventory, quests continue as normal though you have kept the weapons for yourself.

How to raise armor and archery

If you go to solitude and in the fortress part there is a ledge with a potion and a hawk nest. Kill the hawk and go there if You just want to increase archery wait for a guard to walk by You so he cant see u then shoot and hide wait an hour they will come back and repeat. Eventualy You will kill them if You want to increase you're armor too then let them see You and then there archers will shoot you and if u dont die and you fight back both youre archery and armor skill will increase.

Mining glitch (MINE 2 ORE VEINS)

When in a mine you want to go to an ore vein go up to it it will say press A to mine. Keep pressing A continuously the animation will start for a second then it will stop. If you try to mine the same ore it will not let you. Move on to another ore. Mine that one when its done you will see that you mined the recent ore vein and the vein that you applied the glitch on.

Easy gold Glitch

When completing the quest to get married, marry a follower. Make them follow you and trade items. They should have 750 gold because of the store they run. Take the gold leave wait a day and rinse and repeat. As much gold as you need without having to sell anything!

Power level speech and pickpocket fast.

First you will need the thief standing stone active. Then you just steal form guards. Later in the game you will have the option to persuade them to let you go. Repeat this until not needed.

Glitch - Oghma Infinium Book (Infinite Skill Level Ups)

The bookeshelves maybe broken, but you can still use anything you can store the book in. You do NOT have to close the container either.

1. Open Chest (above bookshelf in whiterun for example) or any container you can store items in

2. Read the book in your inventory

3. Choose a path

4. Hit B then store the book

5. Scroll up to the "Chest" area and take the book (skips the (Do Not Read) part and the book does not open)

6. Repeat 1-6

Respawning invisible chest with lots of items in Dawnstar

There are many items (some useful, some not-so-useful.) Amongst the useful items are potions/poisons, enchanted armor/weapons, and soul gems. It's related to a wandering Kajiit trader, and the chest will respawn when the trader's wares respawn. The chest is located in Dawnstar to the left/east of the Iron Breaker Mine entrance. There are three rocks arranged in a triangle and a small pine tree. Look between the mountain and the rock closest to the mountain which is partially under the tree. You may need to crouch. It's invisible, but your crosshairs will pick it up.

Buy The Whiterun House Without Spending 5000 Coins

In order to buy the house in Whiterun, you'll need 5000 coins on hand, but you'll be able to keep it with this trick -- which makes use of your ability to turn your head around while talking to people. If you go to the man who sells you the house in Whiterun while he's asleep in his bed, he'll sit up to talk to you. Make sure you're standing in a place that you can open the nightstand or dresser next to the bed while you're talking to him. As soon as you agree to buy the house *immediately* open the dresser next to the bed and put your gold into it and return to the conversation. He'll give you the key, and then you can just get your gold back out of the dresser, as rich as you were before.

Early Sneak Skill and Level Up

Once you can get to Bleak Falls Barrow, go and talk to Sven to talk about his love troubles with this girl. Accept to deliver a fake letter to the girl he mentioned. Go find the girl and deliver the letter (lie) to her. After, go to Faendal and accept the Golden Claw quest. Go back to Sven and talk to him about the quest. Then tell him to follow you. Sneak behind and sneak attack Sven. You can do this as much as you want (as long as you don't kill him). For every sneak attacks, your sneak skill should increase, which increases your level progression. Sven gets mad at you obviously, but he never tries to attack you back. *NOTE*: DO NOT get the perk to increase one-handed weapons to do 6x damage. If you do, and you try to sneak attack after you get the perk, you'll do a sweet kill animation where you slit his throat. Sven dead = no more sneak attacks :( You could save up your perk points after each level up to get all the weapon sneak skill perks at once. (to avoid killing Sven) This method should also raise one-handed weapon skill (or whatever type of weapon you have equipped) as well.

Level Cheat

For all your power leveler's out there, I came across this online... When the beginning scene is finished you'll follow an Imperial to a small fort where you can continue to follow the Imperial or a Stormcloak (you can follow either for this to work). Whom ever you chose to follow will give you a small tutorial of the game as you escape the turmoil created in the beginning scene. As you go through the tutorial you will come to an underground cave where you'll be taught how to perform sneak attacks. At this point you'll be asked to either sneak attack a bear or sneak past it. Instead of doing either of these you can enter sneak mode and go behind which ever NPC is giving you the tutorial and attack him over and over again with no consequence since he will not retaliate or die. You can use this to level up your one-handed, sneak, two-handed, and destruction skills. I'ts better to get them into a corner because when you hit him he will be pushed forward. This is very useful if your willing to put the time into it.

Quick Gold Glitch

Go to Winterhold, start heading up the path as if you're going to do the dragon bounty for the jarl, you will come to a cave called the "Sightless Cavern". Continue past it up and around a corner, you will come to an alter with skeletons. Next to the alter there are Boots and a Shield. Picking them up will make the skeletons come alive. After killing them, the skeleton that was on the alter will have a "Book of Oblivion" in his inventory. This book will never disappear. Continue looting the body for an infinite number of books worth 50 gold each.

Steal More Easily

It's possible to steal items at any time of day, in any situation. All you need to do is pick up a basket, bucket, kettle, or any other "container" type item and place it over any NPC's head. With the item over their head, they will not be able to see you as you plunder their Soon-to-be-bankrupt shop. This trick does not, however, work for pickpocketing. It only works for stealing items off counters, shelves, etc. Lastly, there are a few, select NPC's that will not allow you to put the bucket, basket, etc. over their heads. It seems like they have a sort of 'bubble' around them that prevents it from fitting on their head for more than a few seconds.

Easter Egg - Create the best weapon in Skyrim no mods and no cheats

- Alchemy: Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor;

- Smithing: Steel Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing;

- Enchanting: Enchanter (5/5), Insightful Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, Storm Enchanter, Extra Effect.

- a set of alchemy apparel (clothes or armor of any kind): hat (or helmet), gloves (or bracers), necklace and ring;

- a set of smithing apparel (clothes or armor of any kind): clothes (or armor), gloves (or bracers), necklace and ring;

- grand soul gems, ebony ingots, Daedra hearts, alchemy ingredients with Fortify Enchanting (Blue Butterfly Wings, Hagraven’s Claws, Snowberries, Spriggan sap) and Fortify Smithing (Blisterwort, Glowing Mushrooms, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap);

- you’ll also need to learn the enchantments for your weapons (like Fire Damage, Storm Damage, Frost Damage) and for your armor (like Fortify Alchemy, Fortify Smithing, Fortify Heavy/Light Armor, Fortify One-handed/Two-handed).

1. Go to an Alchemy Lab and create 4 Fortify Enchanting potions.

2. Go to an Arcane Enchanter and make a set of alchemy apparel by enchanting: hat (or helmet), gloves (or bracers), necklace and ring with Fortify Alchemy and grand soul gems. Remember to drink a Fortify Enchanting potion before creating each item, so that the enchantment will be stronger.

3. Equip the set of alchemy apparel and create 4 stronger Fortify Enchanting potions and then use them to create a more powerful set of alchemy apparel.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 about 2 times until you reach the maximum potency for the set of alchemy apparel.

5. Equip your most powerful set of alchemy apparel to brew the strongest batch of Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Smithing potions.

6. Go to an Arcane Enchanter and make a set of smithing apparel by enchanting: clothes (or armor), gloves (or bracers), necklace and ring with Fortify Smithing and grand soul gems. Again, remember to drink a Fortify Enchanting potion before creating each item, so that the enchantment will be stronger.

7. Go to a Forge or an Anvil and create your Daedric weapons and armor, using the ebony ingots and Daedra hearts.

8. Go near a Grindstone or a Workbench. Equip your set of smithing apparel and drink a Fortify Smithing potion. Use the Grindstone to improve your weapons or the Workbench to improve your armor.

9. Go to an Arcane Enchanter and enchant your weapons and armor with the enchantments you want. Don’t forget to drink a Fortify Enchanting potion before enchanting each item.

To get the highest damage output from your weapons, you’ll also need to enchant your armor pieces and some jewelery, so that they enhance your weapon skill (Fortify One-handed/Two-handed)

This also applies if you want the get the highest armor rating from your armor, by enhancing your armor skill (Fortify Heavy/Light Armor).

Note: The Notched Pickaxe is a unique artifact that Raises the wielder’s Smithing abilities. However, it doesn’t seem to help improve your gear any further, so you don’t really need it in order to make the best weapon and the best armor in the game.

Note: While experimenting with various skill fortifying potions, I’ve came across a way to improve your equipment even further by using Fortify Restoration potions. However, this seems to be a bug, since it will irreversibly break the skills and will crash the game when used too many times. So, DO NOT USE Fortify Restoration potions with Alchemy and Enchanting.


Hearthfire Achievements

Proud Parent (10) - Adopt a child 

Landowner (10) - Buy a plot of land 

Architect (10) - Build three wings on a house 

Land Baron (10) - Buy three plots of land 

Master Architect (10) - Build three houses

Dawnguard Achievements

A New You (20) - Change your face

Auriel's Bow (20) - Use the special power of Auriel's Bow

Awakening (20) - Complete "Awakening"

Beyond Death (20) - Complete "Beyond Death"

Kindred Judgement (40) - Complete "Kindred Judgement"

Legend (40) - Defeat a Legendary Dragon

Lost to the Ages (30) - Complete "Lost to the Ages"

Soul Tear (20) - Learn all three words of Soul Tear

Vampire Mastered (20) - Acquire 11 vampire perks

Werewolf Mastered (20) - Acquire 11 werewolf perks

Main Game

Adept (10)Reach Level 10
Alduin's Wall (20)Complete "Alduin's Wall"
Apprentice (5)Reach Level 5
Artificer (10)Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion
Bleak Falls Barrow (10)Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"
Blessed (10)Select a Standing Stone blessing
Blood Oath (10)Become a member of the Circle
Bound Until Death (10)Complete "Bound Until Death"
Citizen (10)Buy a house
Daedric Influence (10)Acquire a Daedric Artifact
Darkness Returns (10)Complete "Darkness Returns"
Delver (40)Clear 50 dungeons
Diplomatic Immunity (20)Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"
Dragon Hunter (20)Absorb 20 dragon souls
Dragon Soul (10)Absorb a dragon soul
Dragonslayer (50)Complete "Dragonslayer"
Elder Knowledge (20)Complete "Elder Knowledge"
Expert (25)Reach Level 25
Explorer (40)Discover 100 Locations
Gatekeeper (10)Join the College of Winterhold
Glory of the Dead (30)Complete "Glory of the Dead"
Golden Touch (30)Have 100,000 gold
Hail Sithis! (30)Complete "Hail Sithis!"
Hard Worker (10)Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food
Hero of Skyrim (30)Capture Solitude or Windhelm
Hero of the People (30)Complete 50 Misc Objectives
Married (10)Get married
Master (50)Reach Level 50
Master Criminal (20)Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds
Oblivion Walker (30)Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts
One with the Shadows (30)Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory
Reader (20)Read 50 Skill Books
Revealing the Unseen (10)Complete "Revealing the Unseen"
Sideways (20)Complete 10 side quests
Skill Master (40)Get a skill to 100
Snake Tongue (10)Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate
Standing Stones (30)Find 13 Standing Stones
Take Up Arms (10)Join the Companions
Taking Care of Business (10)Join the Thieves Guild
Taking Sides (10)Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army
The Eye of Magnus (30)Complete "The Eye of Magnus"
The Fallen (20)Complete "The Fallen"
The Way of the Voice (20)Complete "The Way of the Voice"
Thief (30)Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets
Thu'um Master (40)Learn 20 shouts
Unbound (10)Complete "Unbound"
Wanted (10)Escape from jail
War Hero (10)Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
With Friends Like These... (10)Join the Dark Brotherhood
Words of Power (10)Learn all three words of a shout