Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date | When is the Harry Potter mobile game out in the US and UK?

The latest game from Pokemon Go developer Niantic is a fresh AR-focused free-to-play experience called Harry Potter: Wizards UniteThe new Harry Potter game is a mobile game that will be headed to the Google Play and Apple Store soon. While the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date hasn’t been announced officially, we can assume it is coming soon since a beta session has been announced in Australia and New Zealand. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was originally scheduled to release in 2018 but was delayed until 2019 so that it could be developed further.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date | When is the Harry Potter mobile game out in the US and UK?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release Date

Rejoice, fellow Potterheads, for we have an official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date. The game has been available in Australia for a couple of months now, but the worldwide launch of Niantic’s latest title is right around the corner.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released globally on Friday, June 21. The reveal was made at a special event held at Universal Studios Hollywood on Tuesday, June 18, and later announced on the game’s official Twitter account. An official trailer accompanied the game’s official launch date in a tweet too, just to help increase the hype levels.

Despite all of that, Niantic has kept quiet on when each region of the world can expect to have the game unlocked. In the above tweet, the company merely states that fans should keep their eyes out for more information about when it will go live.

We still expect that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date will be this Friday for the US and UK though. These two countries have sizable gaming populations, so Niantic will want to cash in on them as soon as possible.

As for the rest of the world, it’s possible that the game’s launch will be a bit more staggered. That’s not to say that places like Europe (minus the UK), the rest of North America, or Asia won’t have the title unlocked for them on Friday. Some regions won’t get it on day one though, but don’t fret if it isn’t available for you straight away. It will come to your country at some point.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | What is it about?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality mobile game where players are able to visit real-world locations. Would-be wizards will then be able to cast spells, encounter other characters and beasts, and make all kinds of discoveries along the way. The gameplay is similar to that of Pokemon Go in which the real world is mixed with augmented reality.

You’ll also be able to pick what profession you want to specialize in, locate strange objects called Foundables that you will need to acquire from NPCs, and make your own potions in-game too. There’s plenty for Potterheads to play around with, that’s for sure.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be a free-to-play game that is supported by in-game microtransactions. Players will be able to spend real-life money on Gold, which can be used to purchase different spells and used to save time in the game. Since it is a free mobile game, microtransactions are expected. This is all we know right now, but hopefully, we’ll learn even more details as  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as it’s rolled out worldwide this weekend.