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Fallout 76 Vending Machines | How will vending machines work in Fallout 76?

The next Fallout 76 update is making its way into the game on May 7, and it is bringing with it vending machines, among other things. Fallout 76 vending machines are essentially shops that players can place around the map to sell their gear and earn some extra caps. So, what exactly are Fallout 76 vending machines and how will they work?

Fallout 76 Vending Machines | How will vending machines work in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Vending Machines

Fallout 76 vending machines are essentially player shops in the form of a vending machine. Players will be able to build vending machines and then set them up for other players to visit as they are traveling around Appalachia. Items can be placed in the vending machine directly from a player’s stash and will remain in their stash while they are for sale. The price can be set to whatever the player wants, and once someone has bought it, the player will be notified. While items are for sale, they will appear in players inventory with a small icon, reminding the player that their item is for sale.

Once an item has sold, players will be transferred the cap value minus a 10% tax. Fallout 76 vending machines, which will be located in players’ C.A.M.P.S., will be visible to everyone in the server as long as the player isn’t wanted. This will allow the other players in the server to see the number and types of items that are for sale in the shop through the map. If they like what they see, then they can visit the shop and purchase that player’s items.

Fallout 76 vending machines are just one of the new features coming to the game as part of Update 9. Other new features include legendary exchange machines, survival scoreboard updates, weapon adjustments, and display cases. Make sure to check back to GameRevolution when the update hits on May 7 to find a complete list of changes along with the patch notes.