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Fortnite Arcana Glider | How to get the Unvaulting Event cosmetic

Did you miss out on getting the Fortnite Arcana Glider last week? Fear not, battle royale fan, for you will have another chance to get it with our help. If you’re specifically wondering how to get the Unvaulting Event cosmetic, we also have you covered on that front. Read our Fortnite Arcana Glider guide for more information.

Fortnite Arcana Glider | Can I buy it in the store?

fortnite arcana glider

No, the Fortnite Arcana Glider cannot be purchased with V-Bucks. It was present in the in-game shop last week and would have set you back 1,200 V-Bucks to get it.

It has since been removed as a cosmetic from the store though. The last time it was made available to buy was Sunday, May 5, so you’ll have missed your chance to get it this way if you didn’t before the new week started.

Fortnite Arcana Glider | Unvaulting Event queue glitch

fortnite arcana glider

There is still a way for you to get the Fortnite Arcana Glider though. Epic suffered huge problems with its Unvaulting Event last Saturday, with plenty of players left frustrated that they couldn’t participate.

Players were supposed to be able to jump through a portal that would transport them to ‘The Vault.’ This area contained six pillars that housed weapons previously available in the game. Players were then asked to break a pillar that would allow the return of a previous weapon, with the Drum Gun being chosen.

However, not everyone was able to visit The Vault due to Fortnite technical issues. Quite a few players had been queueing to get into the event but weren’t able to access the portal due to an issue on Epic’s end. Epic has since taken to the game’s Twitter account to apologize for the problem. They’ve now vowed to give the Arcana Glider away for free to those who couldn’t take part in the Unvaulting Event.

Epic has begun rolling out the free gift, and everyone should receive their own copy of it within the next few days. Anyone who bought the glider in the store, before it was removed, will also have their V-Bucks reimbursed.