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Minecraft Classic PC Low FPS fix | How to fix frame-rate in Chrome

Minecraft Classic PC low FPS fix is the last thing you want to be hunting for while squeezing in some in-browser gameplay during your lunch break or “Minecraft Unblocked” session. Thankfully, there’s a solution to fixing the frame-rate in Google Chrome. Here’s what you need to know to get more FPS in Minecraft Classic, so you can start building the creation of your dreams.

How to fix frame-rate in Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft Classic PC Low FPS fix

If you are noticing low FPS in Minecraft Classic in your current browser, try closing all of the other tabs that might be hogging resources. This could free up the bandwidth required to play the game more smoothly.

If this doesn’t seem to fix the frame-rate, you’ll need to abandon your current browser and try another. As attached you might be to Google Chrome, you’ll find switching to Firefox to play Minecraft Classic can really speed things up.

Having a smooth frame-rate makes for a much more enjoyable experience, as you can more accurately place blocks, and the smoothness of turning is much less jarring. We’d highly recommend biting the bullet and installing a browser dedicated to playing Minecraft Classic.

Which is the best browser for Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft Classic PC Low FPS fix

In our testing, we’ve found that Firefox offers the smoothest experience when playing Minecraft Classic on PC. Loading the game up on Google Chrome results in the worst experience, while Microsoft Edge is somewhere in between.

At the time of writing, shortly after the game’s launch, Firefox is the best browser for Minecraft Classic. Playing the game in Firefox results in the highest FPS and therefore the most pleasing visuals and gameplay.

If you’re unable to download Firefox, then you’ll be happy to know that the Microsoft Edge browser is installed automatically with Windows. It should therefore be available on all machines you use.